Florence Howard

Florence Howard

Florence Howard lives in Amelia, Ohio, and has been freelance writing since 2009. She first started off writing for Associated Content/Yahoo! Voices where she gained experience and knowledge and realized her passion for writing. She also found out music, health, and pets were her main interests in writing. In 2014, Florence started writing for private clients which included writing about technology, health and wellness, and local news stories of interest.

While Florence has a background in healthcare since she took Allied Health at her local vocational school during her junior and senior years of high school, music has always been an important part of her life.

From the time she was little, she loved listening to music and quickly learned how music can make you happy and feel fulfilled. One of her favorite memories is being in the garage with her dad working on classic cars with the local rock station blaring in the background. Ever since Florence was 3, she loved grunge music and spent hours listening to bands such as Alice in Chains, Mad Season, Soul Asylum, and Soundgarden.

She also enjoys classic rock, modern rock, nu metal, alternative rock, and old 90's R&B. Her love of music grew as she got older, and used music to help her get through tough times in her life. More often than not, you'll see Florence with earbuds in while she's writing, cooking, cleaning, and doing other tasks. She would rather listen to music than watch a movie or television show any day of the week! She also loves to debate music with her friends such as which lead singer is the best vocalist, the most iconic guitar solos in music, and what songs are really the best of the decade.

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