31 Best Songs From 1945

There are multiple tracks from the 40s that defined the decade, including in 1945 when a lot of different musicians ruled the charts and the airwaves. Keep reading as we go over the 31 best songs from 1945 that you need to check out. 

1. My Dreams Are Getting Better All The Time – Les Brown 

My Dreams Are Getting Better All The Time

The first song on our list is My Dreams Are Getting Better All The Time by Les Brown, which features the vocals of Doris Day. The track hit the Billboard charts and went to number one, and it stayed there for weeks. This is an optimistic song and romantic track that is not only upbeat but gives you that feeling of energy and hope. 

2. Laura – Woody Herman 

Next is Woody Herman with the song Laura, which was made for the movie of the same name, and it’s about the character of the movie. It’s a classic track that offers a lot of orchestra and harmonies that capture the allure of the main character without giving too much away as to who she is and what she is all about. The melody in this song is nothing short of breathtaking, and he was the perfect person to cover this track to give it that magic. 

3. Dig You Later (A Hubba-Hubba-Hubba) – Perry Como 

Dig You Later (A Hubba-Hubba-Hubba)

Perry Como had a hit in 1945 with Dig You Later (A Hubba-Hubba-Hubba), which is a song that’s about a guy trying his best to get a date with a woman he thinks is good-looking. The track is very upbeat and playful while still being flirty and romantic at the same time. 

4. Rum and Coca Cola – The Andrews Sisters 

Next on the list is The Andrews Sisters with Rum And Coca Cola, which went to number one on the Billboard chart and three on the Billboard R&B chart. This song is a commentary about the rum and coke that sailors used to drink and then they would use their money to buy a woman. The track was banned on multiple radio stations because of the fact it mentions prostitution and a brand name at the same time. 

5. It’s Been a Long, Long Time – Harry James 

Harry James & His Orchestra - It's Been A Long, Long Time (Audio)

It’s Been A Long, Long Time by Harry James makes the list and this song features Kitty Kallen on vocals. It went to number one on the Billboard Best-Selling Popular Retail Records chart and was the last time he would have a number-one hit on the charts. When you listen to this track, you’ll notice it’s about a woman welcoming her man home from the war, so even today, it’s relatable to a lot of people. 

6. Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow – Vaughn Monroe 

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

We’ve all heard the song Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow. Vaughn Monroe recorded this track first in 1945, and it was a hit right before Christmas that year. Even though the song doesn’t specifically mention Christmas, it became an instant holiday and Christmas classic, with radio stations always playing this track leading up to Christmas. He scored a hit with this song, and it’s one of the many hits that he had over his career. 

7. You Can’t Get That No More – Louis Jordan 

You Can't Get That No More

Louis Jordan is on the list with You Can’t Get That No More, which is a song that is a warning to people that they won’t be getting what they want by using the tricks that have worked in the past. This track is in the jump blues style, so it’s upbeat and has a chorus that’s really catchy. 

8. Somebody’s Gotta Go – Cootie Williams 

Somebody's Gotta Go

Next up is Cootie Williams with his hit song Somebody’s Gotta Go, and this track went to number one on the Harlem Hit Parade chart. It would be the last song that would chart at number one, and he never had a track quite as successful as this one. 

9. Dream – The Pied Pipers 

The Pied Pipers released Dream, which is a romantic ballad, and this song is a classic track about the yearning that comes with finding your true love. Even though they had a hit with the song and was the original, Frank Sinatra’s cover became iconic and ended up overshadowing theirs. 

10. Hong Kong Blues – Tommy Dorsey 

Tommy Dorsey And His Orchestra - Hong Kong Blues

On the list next is Tommy Dorsey with the track Hong Kong Blues, which also featured Skeets Herfurt on the vocals. What’s great about this song is that it’s entertaining since it talks about all of the fun you can have in Hong Kong. It features a lot of horns, and it’s a playful track that allows you to dream about life in Hong Kong and the situations you might get into while in the city. 

11. There, I’ve Said It Again – Vaughn Monroe 

There, I've Said It Again

Vaughn Monroe had a hit with There, I’ve Said It Again, which went to number one on the Billboard Best-Selling Popular Retail Records and Records Most-Played On The Air charts. It also landed at number two on the Most-Played JukeBox Records chart. This was one of the best love songs and pop ballads of the year, which is all about someone finally confessing how they feel about another person after trying to keep their feelings hidden. 

12. Bell Bottom Trousers – Louis Prima 

Bell Bottom Trousers

Next is the funny song Bell Bottom Trousers, which was covered by Louis Prima, and it went onto the Billboard Best Seller chart where it landed at number 10 but never charted any higher than that. This was a famous song during World War II, and it’s about Navy sailors and the funny outfit that they wore at the time. The track is still popular today, and it’s one of the songs that you can listen to just laughing and smiling since it’s playful and catchy. 

13. Cattle Call – Eddy Arnold 

On the list next is Eddy Arnold with Cattle Call, and this song was a huge hit, and the 1945 version he recorded features the Hugo Winterhalter Chorus & Orchestra. The track went onto the Billboard Country chart and peaked at number one while staying on the charts for a total of 26 weeks. This became his signature song, and it’s one of the most famous country tracks from this decade. 

14. Sioux City Sue – Dick Thomas 

Dick Thomas lands on our list with Sioux City Sue, and this song was his biggest hit on the charts landing at number one on the Billboard Country chart and staying number one for four weeks. Altogether, it stayed on the Country chart for 23 weeks and also hit the Billboard Best-Selling Records chart but only made it to number 16. 

15. Try A Little Tenderness – Frank Sinatra 

Try A Little Tenderness (Remastered)

Frank Sinatra was so big in the 40s, and Try A Little Tenderness was one of his hit songs. This track is a love song and talks about how you should be tender and sweet to your woman. Many other artists have covered this track through the years, but his version remains one of the most iconic and lovely versions ever recorded. 

16. Salt Peanuts – Dizzy Gillespie 

The Dizzy Gillespie version of Salt Peanuts is known as the definitive version of the song, and this track is a bebop jazz song that doesn’t have any real meaning behind it. There is a lot of scat in the track, and it’s just a fun nonsensical song with lyrics that were always made up on the spot. 

17. You Two Timed Me One Time Too Often – Tex Ritter 

You Two Timed Me One Time Too Often

Tex Ritter makes our list with You Two Timed Me One Time Too Often, and this song is obviously about being cheated on, so there is anger felt in the lyrics and vocals of this track. It’s about a man that’s been cheated on, and he talks about finding someone else. While this song may be about cheating, it’s a country track that’s upbeat and has a melody that’s catchy. 

18. A Little On The Lonely Side – Guy Lombardo Feat. Jimmy Brown

Guy Lombardo And His Royal Canadians - A Little On The Lonely Side.-

Guy Lombardo and Jimmy Brown had a hit with A Little On The Lonely Side, which is a song that talks about feeling isolated and lonely, and it’s something we’ve all felt at one point or another. Big band music was incredibly popular at this time, and this was one of the classic examples of that with its melody and instrumentation.

If you’re feeling alone then this is one track you can put on and relate to and know that it’ll get better, so it’s still a popular song today for those of us who often feel isolated and without friends. 

19. 11:60 PM – Harry James 

Harry James - 11:60 PM (Kitty Kallen)

On the list next is Harry James with 11:60 PM, and this song was one of the hit jazz tracks that popped up after the end of World War II. There is a lot of energy in this song, and the melody will leave you tapping your feet along to the rhythm. 

20. Oklahoma Hills – Jack Guthrie 

Jack Guthrie makes the list with Oklahoma Hills, and this song is all about living in Oklahoma and the beauty of rural country life. It’s very upbeat, positive, and authentic, and the guitar brings that country feeling home. It’s a track that has been covered many times over the years, and it’s one of the most popular country songs of the decade. 

21. Caldonia – Louis Jordan

Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five - Caldonia (Live)

Louis Jordan had a hit with Caldonia, which is a jump blues and swing song that is upbeat and powerful. This track is all about celebrating love, and it has a memorable beat that made it perfect for both blues and jazz fans. It would hit number one on the Race Records Billboard chart and stayed number one for seven weeks. He had several hits during this decade, but this song is just epic and proved to be one of the best tracks during his career. 

22. Along The Navajo Trail – Bing Crosby Feat. The Andrews Sisters 

Along The Navajo Trail

The Andrews Sisters and Bing Crosby teamed up for Along The Navajo Trail, and this song was all about the Navajo Tribune and the beauty that exists around them in the desert. The lyrics are playful and fun, and it’s one of those tracks that is still very popular in the Western genre of country music. 

23. If I Loved You – Perry Como 

Next is Perry Como and the song If I Loved You, which is a very soft and soothing track about longing for your life and the uncertain feelings you might have about being in love. He was one of the best artists of the 40s, and when you listen to this song, you can see why people loved him and his soothing voice. This track allows you to feel a lot of emotions and nostalgia as you reflect back on when you first found love. 

24. You’ll Never Walk Alone – Frank Sinatra 

You'll Never Walk Alone

Frank Sinatra had a big hit with You’ll Never Walk Alone, which is one of the most iconic songs on our list. This track is encouraging and powerful, and you’ll feel hope when you listen to this song. The track has been a part of big life events such as funerals, weddings, graduations, and other common life-changing events. If you have ever felt alone or like you needed some inspiration, then this is the perfect choice. 

25. Sentimental Journey – Les Brown 

Sentimental Journey (Remastered)

On the list now is Les Brown with the hit song Sentimental Journey, which features Doris Day on vocals. This track is all about a guy who cannot wait to go back home after being gone for a long time, and he is remembering all of the places and people that he missed. It’s a very emotional and sentimental song that is nostalgic and very heartwarming. 

26. At Mail Call Today – Gene Autry  

At Mail Call Today (78rpm Version)

Up next is Gene Autry with one of his hit songs At Mail Call Today, which is all about how the soldiers would be excited while they waited for their mail to arrive. This was the only way that the soldiers could communicate with their family and friends, and there was a lot of anticipation for the mail to come through.

This track made it to number one on the JukeBox Folk chart and stayed there for eight weeks while altogether staying on the chart for 22 weeks. It would be his most successful tune on this particular chart. 

27. Candy – Jo Stafford 

Jo Stafford makes the list with Candy, which is a very fun song about a guy that is really deeply in love with a woman and her name is Candy. He can’t stop thinking about her, and it’s a track that is not only playful but very relatable to many people. This song peaked at number two on the Billboard Best Seller chart and stayed on the chart for 15 weeks. 

28. Got A Right To Cry – Joe Liggins

Got a Right to Cry (Remastered 2018)

Next up is Joe Liggins with Got A Right To Cry, which made it to number two on the Billboard Race Records chart and stayed on the chart for 12 weeks altogether. This was one of the most-played songs of the year according to Billboard, and it’s one of the best blues tracks of all time. If you’ve ever had your heart broken and felt pain, then you’ll understand the lyrics when he says that he has the right to cry about such a heavy loss.

29. Waitin’ For The Train To Come In – Peggy Lee 

Waitin' For The Train To Come In

Up next is Peggy Lee with Watin’ For The Train To Come In, which features Johnny Long and Harry James. This song is about a woman who is waiting for her husband to come back from war, and there’s a lot of uncertainty in the track that you can feel deep in your soul.

During this time, a lot of women were worried their husbands wouldn’t make it back, so there was worry along with the desire for it to finally happen. It’s a song that is still relevant today given the fact that wars are still going on and many families have been separated as a result. 

30. Stuff Like That There – Betty Hutton 

Stuff Like That There

Betty Hutton makes the list with Stuff Like That There, which is a track about being confused when you fall in love and the infatuation you might have for someone when you’re romantically linked to them. This is one of those jazz songs that features horns and has an upbeat sound to keep you moving and grooving all day to this happy-go-lucky tune. 

31. I Wish – The Mills Brothers 

I Wish (Remastered)

The Mills Brothers finish this list with I Wish, which is a song that talks about wanting a better life, such as having someone that they can love. The track itself is very intricate and fun and it plays off of everyone’s desires to dream about the things that they want in life the most.

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