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The 30-Day Singer is an online singing course designed for beginner and intermediate vocalists.

Quick Tip: Should You Subscribe?

  • Yes - I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the 30 Day Singer.
  • If you're looking for overall improvement across a wide variety of singing fundamentals and skills, then 30 Day Singer is the program for you.
  • Expertly crafted structure makes it the best I've ever seen.
  • New content is unmatched in the industry.

Overall Rating: 5/5 

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It aims to improve your vocal techniques and, therefore, your singing voice, in a single month (hence the title of '30 Day Singer').

While you won't be ready to record your first album after 30 days, these foundational skills will put you on the right path. I do think it provides you with a great crash course on learning to sing on the whole.

Even if you have always been a natural singer, you don't naturally sing correctly. It's the same as any other activity. No one sets weightlifting records, creates award-winning art, or grows a perfect garden without education and practice.

The need to develop and hone our skills is why we have coaches, teachers, and books. This is where this course comes in handy.

When it comes to singing, those fundamentals include warming up your voice, proper breath control, finding and extending your range so you can hit new notes, and more.

One of the reasons I love this course is because it avoids spewing legions of fluff and big promises. It doesn’t claim that it will make you a pop star overnight. This program brings you up to a solid starting point with all of the skills you need to move toward becoming a well-rounded vocalist.

Our Top Pick
30 Day Singer
9.8/10 Our Score

Best Course For Learning to Sing 

  • The 30 Day Singer Lessons are the #1 option for learning to sing today. 
  • Learn to sing like a natural within 30 days.
  • Full money back guarantee.
  • Comes with a 14 day free trial.

In everything you do, foundational skills matter, and education can help you master them.

After you master the basics, the platform has everything you need to keep advancing your skills. The intermediate and advanced programs bring in more sexy, complicated techniques to hone after you've learned what it takes to dive into them successfully.

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What do I think? 

Overall, I love this online singing program. I agree 100% with the designers' premise that you cannot be a successful singer without excelling at the foundations and developing stellar technique. 

If you're ready to do the work to become a better vocalist, you’ll be on your way when you complete the 30 Day Singer course. This program sets the stage for you to get your fundamentals locked down and then advance your skills quickly and efficiently.

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To be sure it's the best fit for you, read on for my full 30-Day Singer review.

Pros and Cons of the Course

If you're a beginner or intermediate singer who has never had formal training, you'll find the help you need from the 30-Day Singer.

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Yes, there are a few things I would change; after all, nothing is perfect. However, the list of pros far outweighs the cons. Here’s my take: 

The Pros

With a list of positive attributes this long, you should have few reservations diving into the 30-Day Singer course.

  • The focus is on technique.

This course provides online, quality training that focuses on teaching you to sing correctly.

Learning proper technique translates into singing better quickly. Once you master this solid starting course, then you'll move forward confidently and with ease. 

  • Multiple teachers allow you to find the perfect match for you.

Even the best instructors don't connect with every student. Some are better at explaining the "why" behind a technique. Another might demonstrate that skill better in your register. Having the right teacher makes an enormous difference in your success.

Three different instructors teach the beginner course, so you're sure to find the one that resonates with you. You can pick the best teacher for your learning style, range, and singing goals. Or, learn from all three for an even broader experience.

  • The fundamentals are not specific to one style of singing.

Other sites focus on one area of vocals or one method of singing. While those will help you improve on one thing, they don’t make you a better singer overall. These other programs can leave you imbalanced and unable to excel. 30-Day Singer's comprehensive program makes you a better vocalist, period. 

  • The program is well organized and easy to follow.

Learning a new, complex skill is overwhelming. Luckily, this course doesn’t leave you wondering what to do next and how to get there.

The website is basic and far from flashy, but in this case, that's a good thing. It’s clear and sticks to what you’ll want to focus on and what you’ll do next. You won't have problems navigating your lessons here.

  • The innovative quick-learn system lives up to the hype.

The 30-Day Singer is one of the newest digital singing programs on the market, and it shows. You won't find another boring, basic beginner program here. The high-quality videos and exercises go far beyond traditional early learning.

You'll explore the key elements of vocal science to understand the whys behind what you're doing. What’s more, the instructors dive into some advanced beginner techniques by the end of the month. These are the skills you need to get singing!

  • There's a money-back guarantee.

If you don't like the course format or don't feel like you've improved as a singer in 30 days, then you can get a refund for the full amount. So, it's a risk-free opportunity to enhance your skills.

The Cons

As was shared before, no program is perfect. However, my list of complaints about 30-Day Singer is short. 

  • It's a subscription program, instead of a one-time fee. 

The only way to access the 30-Day Singer program is to pay a monthly or annual fee. You cannot merely purchase the course outright.

With your subscription, however, you have access to the beginner course plus all of the advanced lessons. So, you'll continue improving rapidly.

They may begin updating the lessons with more added every month as the platform grows. However, that is not currently the case.

  • There's no option for downloads.

If you want to have your warm-ups with you before your next open mic, you'll have to write them down yourself. Similarly, if you want to check in on your scale practice after a few months, you'll have to pay the subscription fee. 

That said, you're likely find that you don't need reminders. You'll learn the information well enough that it becomes part of you and your singing practice regimen

  • There aren't as many genre-specific lessons as other platforms.

If you know your goal is to be the next gospel or R&B star, then you might want to look elsewhere for courses. Here, the lessons are more general techniques. 

There are tips for how to adopt the style of famous artists, but there's less emphasis on finding your voice in a particular vocals field. Instead, you'll learn what you need to know to start moving forward in any music genre

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Course Breakdown: What's Included?

One of the best parts about the 30-Day Singer course is that it's more than the name implies. You are not purchasing a month's worth of lessons that you'll put behind you as you improve. Instead, you are subscribing to a learning system that will grow with you as you progress.

There are three main categories of lessons. First is the namesake course, the 30-Day Singer. The primary class is for beginners and intermediate singers who want to learn and develop the proper technique. From there, the sky's the limit.

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Advanced courses range from a 30-Day Singer program designed for singing and playing guitar to lessons for singing like specific pop stars. You can dive deep into different rhythms or tones.

30 Day Singer Beginner Course

The namesake course of the program involves 30 days of daily technique lessons for vocal training. It targets beginner and intermediate vocalists who want to learn to sing correctly but have had no formal training.

This class offers a down-and-dirty set of lessons without too much fluff. Other programs may add in whimsical practices or information you don't need. Here, you acquire the basics and nothing you don’t need.

The specific lessons included in this beginner technique course are:

  • Vocal warm-up and warm-up technique
  • Healthy vocal technique, posture, and breathing
  • A vocal anatomy lesson on the larynx
  • How to apply warm-ups to song work
  • Cord compression
  • Chest voice, head voice, and mix voice
  • Stretching your range.
  • Tone, grown, and dynamics
  • Belting, falsetto, vibrato, and vocal fry
  • Runs, turns, falls
  • Song analysis
  • Phrasing and style
  • Performance, confidence, and nerves

As with any program, what you put into it is what you get out of it. If you're committed to following the plan and devoting time to it daily, you will succeed. After your month of dedicated practice, expect to be more confident in the quality of your singing.

You can start to practice singing without the 30 Day Singer, but you will definitely see better results with the structured program.

30 Day Singer Course with Guitar

Not everyone wants to learn to sing and become a lead vocalist with a voice that steals the show every time. You might just want to be able to accompany yourself while playing an instrument or sing in the background. With this in mind, the 30-Day Singer course creators provide a course just for those who want to learn to sing and play guitar together.

Girl sitting in room playing guitar and singing

The 30-Day Singer course for guitar and vocals has many similarities to the lessons for beginners, but with a different emphasis.

Instructors first take you through a process to understand how you relate to your instrument. Then, they dive into teaching you how to use your voice while you play. After 30 days, you'll be able to belt it out confidently, without detracting from the instrumental backup you're providing.

Specific lessons in the guitar and singing course include:

  • Finding your vocal range
  • Major and minor scales, triads, relative minors
  • Singing and strumming rhythms
  • Song training, including a "share my voice" feature with pop artists 
  • Smoothing out the break in your voice
  • Complexity in scales and scale degrees
  • Adding vibrato to song performance 
  • Arpeggios and swing rhythms
  • Steps/leaps, accuracy, and fluidity 
  • Tritons and major sevenths
  • Pentatonic and blues scales 

If your goal is to relate to your guitar, perform at open mics, or simply avoid making your partner cringe while you relax and get down to making music, this course is for you. 

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Advanced and specialized technique lessons

Even though I was skeptical about a subscription service for singing basics, the 30-Day Singer makes it worth it by including add-on courses. When you finish the beginner program – either the 30-Day Singer or the 30-Day Singer with guitar – you’re ready to move on to more complex elements. 

Sticking with the same instructors and program ensures that you can understand the advanced lessons. The teachers present each video in a style with which you’re already familiar, so you can keep moving forward.

Each of the advanced courses is a series of five to six lessons that dive deep into topics of your choice. These are short courses you can access, in addition to the beginner and advanced programs. Again, you’ll have familiar instructors for the specialized, advanced lessons. You won’t get bored, given the variety of skills instructions you’ll have available at your fingertips. 

Advanced courses you can take include:

  • Vocal performance 
  • Runs
  • How to sing like a pop star, including how to copy specific singing styles of your favorite famous male and female artists
  • Steps to better phrasing
  • Mastering vibrato
  • Getting a better tone
  • Runs and embellishments
  • Perform like a professional
  • Classical singing and choral music performance
  • Secrets to perfect pitch and intonation
  • Healthy and strong belting
  • Finding your breath
  • Introduction to harmonizing and singing with others

You’ll also find continuations of the skills and lessons you picked up via the beginner courses. For example, you can find variations on warm-ups and technique exercises to keep your early learnings fresh. You’ll find different sets for pre-performance and everyday use, as well as options for warming up at a beginner level or moving on to more advanced exercises.

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The Bonuses

Every section of the 30-Day Singer platform is easy to navigate. The excellent user interface takes the guesswork out of the learning process.

What’s more, the platform includes a community forum so that you can build a peer and instructor support network. You can ask for feedback about your singing, ask questions, and enjoy connecting with others who are working to goals similar to yours. Who knows, you might meet your perfect collaboration partner in there!

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For an added cost, you can opt for one-on-one private lessons with course instructors. You’ll enjoy the benefits of a private vocals tutor without ever leaving the comfort of your home!

Will it Actually Make You a Better Singer?

The short answer is, “Yes!” Of course, there are a few “ifs” that accompany my wholehearted support for the benefits of the 30-Day Singer program. 

There’s no debating that developing singing fundamentals will make you a better vocal artist. Improving and adopting proper technique will, without a doubt, improve your singing. That’s where this program excels.

But be aware that you must follow the program correctly to enjoy maximum results. Doing what the program requires of you includes practicing every day. If you want to experience significant improvements in one month, you must be prepared to do the hard work. If you trust the process and put in the time, you’ll be successful.

That said, you must manage your expectations. Becoming a better singer does not mean that you’ll be ready to record a hit album. It means exactly what it says, that your singing will improve. As long as you keep this in mind, you’ll be impressed with the results of the 30-Day Singer program.

You Should Get This Course if…

After much comprehensive research, I have three primary reasons for buying the 30-Day Singer. 

  • You should get this course if you want to be a better singer overall. 

If you want to become a quality singer, you must spend time working on vocal foundations. These lessons help you understand where to begin, what to focus on, and why.

  • You should get this course if you want organized, straightforward singing lessons.

The structure and detail that goes into these lessons are unparalleled in any other online course I've seen. This system makes the learning process easy to follow to success. 

  • You should get this course if you dream of becoming a vocalist like your favorite pop artist.

The foundations of the 30-Day Singer translate into most other genres of singing. That said, many of the advanced courses in the subscription focus on reaching great heights in the world of pop vocals.

In short, if you have ever wanted to become a better singer, this is an ideal investment in yourself and your progression as an artist. Your skills will improve, your practice won't be boring, and you’ll find practicing more fun and rewarding.

Not everyone can become a pop sensation. That doesn't mean that you can't sound like one! Take on the challenge of being a devoted student of the 30-Day Singer, and you'll be on your way!

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