21 Best Songs About Peaches

Peaches are a fruit that seems to come up quite a lot in music, though the tracks about them rarely actually discuss the fruit. Most of the time, they use these as a metaphor for something else, which is fine since it works so well so often. It’s a concept that can show up in literally any genre and one that you’ve definitely seen before whether you realize it or not.

In this article, we’ll go over the 21 best songs out there about peaches. 

1. Peaches N Cream – Snoop Dogg Feat. Charlie Wilson

Snoop Dogg - Peaches N Cream ft. Charlie Wilson

It’s pretty rare for peaches in tracks to actually refer to the fruit—if you don’t count songs for kids. That will be a trend in this article about peaches, with most of them not being about the fruit at all. Thanks to emojis, we also know that peaches can be a nickname for big, juicy posteriors, which is the main thing referenced in this classic 2015 single by Snoop Dogg.

In general, this was one of the better summer tracks to come out that year, with a solid vibe from one of the masters that’s all about booties and partying it up. 

2. Peaches – Justin Bieber Feat. Daniel Caesar And Giveon

Justin Bieber - Peaches ft. Daniel Caesar, Giveon

Justin Bieber’s Peaches was an absolute summer vibe from 2020 that still hits super well today. While the track may be about the girls in the state of Georgia way more than the actual peach fruit, it still holds true—and that will be a trend in this article I promise. It’s also an interesting Bieber song for one simple fact. It’s not about Selena Gomez and actually seems to be about his wife Hailey.

3. Georgia Peaches – Lynyrd Skynyrd

Lynyrd Skynyrd is the biggest Southern rock band of all time and is still ridiculously popular in the southeastern United States today. Among their best-known songs is Georgia Peaches, another track about the juicy and sweet women that call the state of Georgia their home. Originally released in 1977 on their Street Survivors album, it’s a catchy song that’s sure to get stuck in your head and well worth a listen if you enjoy their other tracks like Free Bird and Sweet Home Alabama.

4. Peach – Prince

Look, anything that Prince produced or sang is an all-time song in my book and should be on whatever list that it fits onto. The man was an icon. Anyways, his track Peach likens a very desirable lover and her lower extremities to a juicy and delectable peach. While it’s hard to stand out among the many great songs he created, this one is easily his best that involves peaches—kidding, it should be among his best songs. 

5. Peach Picking Time Down In Georgia – Merle Haggard

Peach Picking Time Down In Georgia

For this song, we’re going all the way back to the 1930s, with numerous versions of the song being recorded and Merle Haggard’s making it famous. Peach Picking Time Down In Georgia hails from an age when tracks always told stories and were about real life, throwing in a few metaphorical things to ponder along the way.

The narrator has to go out to pick peaches because it’s harvest time but hopes to see his lover soon. It also uses peach picking as a metaphor for people picking on him in real life as well, adding another relatable layer to the song. 

6. Peaches – The Stranglers

Peaches (1996 Remaster)

If you’ve ever been to the beach, you probably haven’t seen any peach trees growing down by the water. In Peaches by The Stranglers, the narrator is walking down the beach and enjoying the view of all of the peaches—fannies—that are on display. There are a lot of peach references to this one so get ready.

The peaches in the song are both women and their bums, the band is from Georgia—which is known for peaches and women there are referred to as such—and the album the track comes from is called Eat A Peach, so do with that kind of phrasing what you will. 

7. Peaches – The Presidents of the United States of America

The Presidents of the United States of America - Peaches (Official HD Music Video)

The Presidents Of The United States of America always have some interesting inspiration behind their songs. Peaches was inspired by a homeless man that their lead singer encountered who said he’d just move to the country and eat peaches. Not only did it inspire the track as a whole, but it also wound up as one of the lines in the song. Overall, it’s a simple track about eating all kinds of peaches by the bushel-load and a song that’s surprisingly actually about peach fruits. 

8. Fallen Peaches – The Handsome Family

If fruit goes unpicked, it falls to the ground and begins to rot. The real beauty of ripe fruit—peaches in this case—is rather short-lived. Handsome Family likens a fallen peach to big life changes and losses, something that makes you feel very lonely, out of control, and small.

Most pleasures in life are fleeting, with even life itself being just the blink of an eye on a cosmic time scale. While some songs on the list may be a good summer vibe or soothe you to sleep, this will cause you to really think about what matters in life and maybe cause a little existential dread. 

9. Peaches & Cream – Beck

“Peaches and cream” can mean anything from a very good experience to some sexual euphemisms that don’t need to be outlined here. Beck plays on words a lot and his song Peaches & Cream is a masterclass of his artistic wordplay. While it is a bit out there and you need to understand a lot of references to really get into the meat of the track, it’s overall really good and showcases him as an artist that had more to offer than his biggest hit Loser.

10. Peach Trees – Rufus Wainwright

Peaches tend to be romantic symbols in some parts of the world, mainly because they do blossom and drop petals—though not as dramatically as Japanese cherry blossoms. In Peach Trees, Rufus Wainwright finds himself waiting for his lover under a peach tree and sings about how his relationship isn’t as happy as it used to be and his fears of the future. Another song that actively involves actual peaches is something that should be on this list, and this track is more than deserving due to its quality as well. 

11. Peach Blossom – Eels

Eels - Peach Blossom

Peach Blossom was one of the standout songs of Eels’ tenth studio album Wonderful, Glorious back in 2013. It’s mostly a positive track about a really great day and a dude in a very good mood. Everything feels right, from the smell of peach blossoms outside to the flowers growing outside of his window. 

12. Peach – The Front Bottoms

It’s a rare treat when a love ballad is a bit ambiguous. Instead of being obviously about a romantic partner, it can be about a friend, loved one, family member, or just someone important to you. That’s the real basis of Peach by The Front Bottoms. A love ballad that’s about a person who makes the narrator feel happy, even when he has no other reason to smile. It’s an amazing take on what it is to truly love and be loved. 

13. Peach Pit – Smog

Whether you know him by Smog or Bill Callahan, it’s hard to argue against him being one of the best alternative folk singers out there. Peach Pit is one of the most gentle songs on this list, one that I could imagine falling asleep to on a hot summer evening as a warm breeze blows in through an open window.

It’s illustrative, discussing an Eden-like place where everything feels just right, time moves slowly, and you feel right at home. If you take a listen, snuggle in because you’re going to absolutely feel at peace listening to the instrumentals in this track. 

14. Peach Jam – Joji and BlocBoy JB

Joji & BlocBoy JB - Peach Jam (Official Music Video)

Sometimes, the sex is so good that it can erase any other problems in a relationship—for a while—and make you feel completely satisfied with life. This is especially the case for summer loves, and in the same vein, this summer jam really nails that whole aesthetic. Peach Jam is a happy, vibing summer song about how happy the narrator is with his relationship and their very passionate lovemaking. You’ll find more than just peach innuendos in this one, but that’s a good thing if we look at it objectively. 

15. Peach – Chevelle

Chevelle - Peach (Official Audio)

Chevelle’s song Peach basically isn’t about fruit at all, or women from Georgia, or even a nice-to-look-at behind. No, this one is about space. Released in 2021, on an album that is also mainly about outer space, this is one of the most divisive songs among the band’s fanbase. Some believe it’s about a crooked politician, others think it’s directed at specific presidents of the United States. Regardless, it’s a great track with one of their more powerful instrumentals. 

16. Peach Mango Pie – PunkWithAnF

If you’re looking for songs with wordplay and advanced lyrics on this list, Peach Mango Pie by PunkWithAnF is the song for you. Nobody has ever made me want an obscure pie flavor the way this artist did with this track. It’s upbeat, funny, energetic, and overall just a good positive song that’s all about the sweet taste of those fruits in a delicious pie. Not for the serious listeners out there, this is just a lighthearted track for the fun of it. 

17. Apples, Peaches, Bananas and Pears – The Monkees

Apples, Peaches, Bananas and Pears (2006 Remaster)

I’ve given women flowers, chocolate, jewelry, and time, but I’ve never thought of giving them fruits. The Monkees penned Apples, Peaches, Bananas And Pears as a metaphor for offering a woman everything she could ever need in hopes of winning her love. All of the aforementioned fruits are given as gifts in the song, which actually sounds pretty good to me seeing as how much produce prices have gone up in recent years. You can find this one on their Missing Links album

18. Peach – Broods

Broods - Peach (Official Video)

If someone asks how you are, an older and sort of out-of-fashion way to respond would be to say everything is peachy-keen. Generally, that means that everything is great, super good, or all right, but it depends on who you’re talking to. Peach by Broods is a song that covers all the emotions that come at you throughout life, taking the good with the bad, and using the term “peach” to describe it as overall pretty good. 

19. Peaches – In the Valley Below

In The Valley Below - Peaches

Love songs and peaches seem to go hand in hand a lot. Peaches by In The Valley Below is a slow-builder, discussing someone who always seems to be just out of reach. It’s a bit dreamy, really nailing down those feelings of yearning. In general, it’s also considered one of their standout tracks and is a worthy introduction to the band if you haven’t heard their work before. 

20. Georgia Peaches – Lauren Alaina

Lauren Alaina - Georgia Peaches (Official Music Video)

Who would have guessed another country song on the list was about ‘Georgia peaches?’ Lauren Alaina’s take on the state’s best-known commodity is an ode to her hometown in Georgia and a relatable track about small-town life and Southern charm. In short, it’s a very catchy song about peaches that is about as country as a pop country artist can get these days. 

21. F*** The Pain Away – Peaches

Peaches - F*** The Pain Away

Look, this one sort of counts. F*** The Pain Away is widely considered Peaches’ best song and it’s hard to argue when the opening line of it is so… let’s say it’s a great hook. If we’re talking about peaches we have to put this band on there, I mean, their name is literally Peaches. A fun, fast track, you won’t regret giving this one a spin or two.

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