25 Best Movement Songs For Kids

Do you want to get your kids moving? Movement songs are a great way to get them up and dancing. These are fun and upbeat tunes that can help teach new movement skills.

This blog post will share 25 of our favorite movement songs for kids. From classics like “The Wheels On The Bus” to more modern tunes like “ABC Hip Hop Song,” there is something for everyone here. Put them on and get moving!

1. Baby Shark

Baby Shark Dance | #babyshark Most Viewed Video | Animal Songs | PINKFONG Songs for Children

The “Baby Shark” song is catchy, and it can also be beneficial for your child’s development. The repetitive dance motions can help improve their motor skills, and the simple lyrics can aid in language development.

In addition, the song can help to promote bonding and attachment between you and your child. As you dance and sing together, you’ll create positive memories that will last a lifetime.

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2. The Wheels on the Bus

Wheels On The Bus | Kindergarten Nursery Rhymes by Farmees

This is a perfect song for movement because it has a lot of actions built into the lyrics. Kids can clap their hands, stomp their feet, turn around, and more while they sing along. It’s also a great song for learning about transportation and the different things that buses can do.

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3. Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Row Row Row Your Boat with Lyrics | LIV Kids Nursery Rhymes and Songs | HD

“Row Row, Row Your Boat” features a fun and easy-to-follow melody that kids will love. It’s also an excellent song for helping children learn the concept of rowing a boat thanks to the descriptive lyrics. They can move their hands in unison, following the beat of the song.

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4. The Wiggle Dance!

"The Wiggle Dance!" 🪱 /// Danny Go! Brain Break Songs for Kids

“The Wiggle Dance!” is a simple, catchy tune that has been popular with young children for many years. The song’s easy-to-follow instructions help kids learn basic movements, such as wiggling their hips and clapping their hands. These types of movements are not only fun, but they also help to develop coordination and motor skills.

In addition, this song can be a great way to get children active and moving, which is essential for good health.

5. Freeze Dance

Freeze Dance | Dance Party | CoComelon Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

“Freeze Dance” is a fun song that features a game to help your child develop their gross motor skills. It is also a great way to get them moving and burn off some energy.

Play the song and have your kid dance around the room. When the music stops, the children must freeze in place. This game can help improve your child’s coordination and balance as they learn to control their movements.

6. Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes

Head Shoulders Knees & Toes | @CoComelon Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

This song is a classic for a reason. It’s simple, catchy, and gets kids moving. Plus, it’s a great way to teach body parts and coordination. Remember, regular physical activity can help to improve concentration, reduce stress levels, and boost overall well-being.

7. The Wiggles: Dance Party

The Wiggles: Dance Party is a segment full of the most popular movement songs. It has fun and upbeat tunes that will get your kids dancing, and it’s perfect for a dance party or any party, for that matter.

8. Hokey Pokey

Hokey Pokey - Kids Dance Song - Children's Songs by The Learning Station

“Hokey Pokey” is a children’s song that helps them learn about the different body parts through its lyrics.

As the kids sing along and put their feet, arms, and other body parts in and out of the circle as the song instructs, they get a chance to move their bodies and have fun at the same time. It also gives them a chance to shake different body parts, which is perfect for gross motor skill development.

9. Old MacDonald Had a Farm

Old MacDonald Had A Farm - Kids Songs for Children with Chupakids

The popular song “Old MacDonald Had A Farm” is both entertaining and educational. This catchy tune teaches children about different animals and the sounds they make. The kids can also dance and move around while singing the song, which helps to promote their motor skills.

10. Simon Says

Simon Says Game - THE KIBOOMERS Preschool Songs - Brain Break

“Simon Says” is a classic song game that is often used to help young children learn about following instructions. In the song, the singer gives a series of commands that the kids must follow.

What many parents may not realize is that “Simon Says” can also be used to help children improve their gross motor skills. By repeatedly following Simon’s commands, they can develop the coordination and strength needed to perform tasks such as jumping, hopping, and throwing. In addition, this song can help to improve a child’s balance and spatial awareness.

11. ABC Hip Hop Song

ABC Hip Hop Song | Music for Kids | Kindergarten Songs for Children | Cartoons by Little Treehouse

“ABC Hip Hop Song” is a great way to get kids moving. Hip-hop dancing can help improve your child’s coordination and motor skills, while the rhythm and beat of the song can stimulate your child’s brain development.

The song can even teach your child about teamwork and cooperation. As a result, it can be a valuable tool in helping your child to grow and develop.

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12. Itsy Bitsy Spider

Itsy Bitsy Spider Nursery Rhyme | Kids Songs | by Little Angel

This song is perfect for kids who are just starting to learn about movement. “Itsy Bitsy Spider” is a simple and easy-to-follow song that uses repetitive motions to help children improve their finger coordination. In addition, it can help to develop your child’s sense of rhythm and musicality.

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13. Ring Around the Rosie

evokids - Ring Around The Rosie | Nursery Rhymes | Kids songs

“Ring Around The Rosie” is a popular children’s song that has been around for generations. The song is often used to teach young children basic motor skills. By clapping along with the beat, children can learn to keep a steady tempo and develop a sense of rhythm.

As a result, this is not only a fun children’s song, but it can also help to improve a child’s motor skills.

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14. Tooty ta

Tooty-ta Song | Dance Along | Pinkfong Songs for Children

“Tooty Ta” is a popular children’s song that has been shown to help improve a child’s motor skills. It is simple and easy to sing, making it ideal for young children.

The lyrics of the song focus on different body parts, such as the thumb, elbows, feet, and knees. As the child sings along, they are required to move their body in time with the music. They even get to stick their tongue out!

15. Mary Had a Little Lamb

Mary Had A Little Lamb Nursery Rhyme With Lyrics - Cartoon Animation Rhymes & Songs for Children

“Mary Had A Little Lamb” is a popular nursery rhyme that has been enjoyed by children for generations. The simple, repetitive nature of the song makes it easy for even young children to learn and sing along.

Furthermore, the song’s cheerful melody can help promote positive emotions and encourage movement. Singing this song together is a fun way to engage your little ones and help them develop their gross and fine motor skills.

16. Shake Your Sillies Out

Shake Your Sillies Out ♫ Brain Breaks Songs for Kids ♫ Kids Action Songs by The Learning Station

This song is perfect for getting kids dancing and moving around. They can clap, jump around, wiggle their bodies, and shake their sillies out! These movements can help children get the wiggles out and be ready to learn.

17. Going on a Bear Hunt

Going on a Bear Hunt - THE KIBOOMERS Preschool Songs for Circle Time

“Going On A Bear Hunt” is a catchy and fun song that is also beneficial for children’s development. Through the repetitive nature of the song, children are able to learn new vocabulary words and phrases. Additionally, the song helps to promote gross motor skills as children dance and move around while singing.

The song’s lyrics are also humorous, which can help develop a child’s sense of humor. Overall, it is an excellent choice for parents looking for a fun and educational song for their children.

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18. The Farmer in the Dell

Farmer In The Dell ♫ Nursery Rhymes for Kids ♫ Farm & Brain Breaks Songs ♫ by The Learning Station

“The Farmer In The Dell” is a popular children’s song that dates back to the 19th century. The lyrics tell the story of a farmer who chooses a wife from among a group of women, and the song includes several popular folk characters, such as the farmer’s wife, the miller, and the cheese maker.

Charming generations of kids, this is a great song to get your toddlers up and dancing. The actions that go along with this song are perfect for helping develop general motor skills in young children.

19. Pop Goes the Weasel

Barney - Pop Goes the Weasel (SONG)

“Pop Goes The Weasel” is a traditional children’s song that’s typically accompanied by a simple clapping game in which two players clap their hands together in time with the music.

The game begins with one player holding their hands out in front of them, palms facing the ground. The other player then taps the first player’s hands, starting with the right hand and moving to the left. As they tap each hand, they say the words, “pop goes the weasel.” This song offers a fun and easy way to teach children coordination and rhythm. It also provides an excellent opportunity for bonding and laughter.

20. Baby Bumblebee

Bringing Home a Baby Bumblebee Lyric Video - The Kiboomers Preschool Songs

This song features extensive hand motions that are perfect for little ones. The actions help kids learn the words to the song while also getting them dancing,

21. If You’re Happy and You Know It

If you're happy and you know it | Eli Kids Song & Nursery Rhymes Compilations

This classic children’s song is great for getting kids moving and dancing. The simple lyrics and catchy tune make it a favorite among kids and adults alike. When the children sing this song, they often clap their hands, stomp their feet, and turn around. These movements allow for gross motor skill development while also promoting positive social interaction.

22. Listen and Move

This song is relatively straightforward—you listen to the instructions and move accordingly. You perform every action as instructed until the next one is called out. This song is a great way to get kids up and moving while teaching them how to follow directions. Additionally, the movements in this song help to develop gross motor skills.

23. London Bridge is Falling Down

London Bridge Is Falling Down Nursery Rhymes Popular Baby Songs

“London Bridge Is Falling Down” is a popular children’s song that dates back to the 16th century. The song is believed to be based on an actual event that took place in 1633 when the original London Bridge was damaged in a big fire. Today, children often sing the song as a nursery rhyme or a playground chant.

The song’s repetitive nature can help children learn and remember new words and phrases. Additionally, the actions accompanying the piece can help kids to develop fine motor skills. Continuous movement promotes physical activity and can help burn off excess energy.

24. The Ants Go Marching One by One

The ants go marching one by one song | Ants at war

“The Ants Go Marching One by One” is a children’s song often used to teach basic counting skills. The song describes a column of ants marching one by one, and the movements involved in the song help to reinforce the counting concepts. The theme can be varied to focus on different numbers and can also be used to teach simple addition and subtraction.

In addition, the movements associated with the song can help to develop coordination and gross motor skills. As such, the ants going marching is an excellent tool for early childhood education.

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25. I’m a Little Teapot

I'm a Little Teapot - The Kiboomers Preschool Songs & Nursery Rhymes

“I’m a Little Teapot” is a popular children’s tune that has been around for many years. The song is about a teapot that is eager to be used, and the lyrics detail the various movements involved in making tea.

The song begins with the teapot proclaiming, “I’m a little teapot, Short and stout. Here is my handle, Here is my spout.” The child then pretends to pour water from the teapot before moving on to the next verse.

The next verse of the song sees the teapot becoming “steamed up,” so it needs to be poured out. This song is a great way to encourage movement and exercise in young children, and it is sure to bring a smile to their faces.

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