31 Best Japanese Rock Bands Of All Time

When it comes to music, Japan has an eclectic mix. However, you may perhaps be unaware that Japan loves to rock, and the country has produced some fantastic rock bands over the years.

So, allow us to introduce you to this particular musical genre as we give you our list of 31 of the best Japanese rock bands of all time.

1. X Japan

X Japan Kurenai from "The Last Live" HD

First, we have X Japan, and this band started life as a five-strong power rock band back in 1982. This band is huge, and they have even developed a fanbase that dresses up like them at their shows. However, for us, it’s the way they have changed their style from heavy metal to more of a softer rock and ballad approach that intrigues us and has led to them appearing on our list. 

They are big names when it comes to the concept of visual rock in Japan, and don’t be surprised to encounter people dressed up as anime or cosplay characters at their shows. That indicates the role they play in Japanese pop culture, which accounts for part of the reason why they moved to a softer rock than before.

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2. Lazy

The thing about Lazy is that their name is not a fair representation of who they are as a band. They appear to have covered every musical genre throughout the decades, and rock is one of their strongest areas. But if you want to really enjoy their rock music, then we suggest their earlier stuff from the late 70s before they felt the need to fall into line with the direction their record label wanted them to take, which was to appeal to teenage fans only. 

Prepare for Lazy to take you on a melodic rock journey through the ages while covering almost every rock genre you can imagine.

3. L’Arc-en-Ciel

L'Arc~en~Ciel「Driver's High」-Music Clip-

This band is intriguing as they quickly move between different rock genres from song to song. You can expect hard rock followed by more of a punk rock sound, and then there’s even some glam rock thrown in for good measure. People love the ease with which they string their melodies together, and you should also expect some amazing guitar skills thrown in for good measure.

With a focus on alternative rock, they allow their music to really open you up to their talents as musicians. Offering stunning control over their music, this band will quickly encircle you with their music and will keep you attached to them forever. 

4. Precious

Precious - Crazy for Your Love

This band from Tokyo focuses on more of a heavy metal sound, but they have also built a substantial following across Japan over the last 30 years. Their music is all about thumping drums, massive riffs, and thrashing out their songs. If you want to listen to something loud and in your face, then Precious will probably be able to deliver, and then some.

Warning, this is not rock music for the family. They will charge through their songs at speed, but they do so without leaving you feeling dizzy from all of the emotion and energy that hits you like a wrecking ball.

5. Luna Sea


Luna Sea is really something else when it comes to a rock band. You see, we love the fact they will throw in other instruments, such as a violin, into their rock music. Now, that’s not something you expect to hear. We also enjoy the way they flow through their songs as if being blown along by the wind. There’s an ease to their music that makes it a pleasure to listen to. 

This is rock music, but one where you feel like you are on the crest of a wave which means it’s rather pleasing to listen to. Well, at least for the majority of their songs, with a few exceptions. 

6. Outrage

OUTRAGE - 『Blood And Scars』

This Japanese rock band tends to move more toward thrash metal, so if you love monster guitars played at a frantic pace, then Outrage could fit the bill. You see, these guys love to play at speed, and they have never slowed their pace at any point. This comes across at times as organized chaos, but we love it for that very fact. 

Also, you will appreciate the multiple layers that appear in their music. So, it may be organized chaos, yet everything has so much control that it all makes sense.

7. Kuni

Kuni (クニ) - Lookin' For Action (Japan Aid 2nd, Showa Kinen Park, Tokyo, Japan, 1987-10-04)

Kuni is a hard rock guitarist who knows a thing or two about how to get his audience up out of their seats and to rock along with him. However, Kuni is also known for having melodic approach to their tunes, and it’s more than enough to pull you along with him for the ride. This is more of a cool rock sound, with the occasional blast of heavier rock thrown in for good measure. 

Also, Kuni comes across as a magnetic force that’s not to be messed with. His vibe is energetic but not to the point of exhaustion, making it easier to appreciate his music and what he offers you.

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MUCC is one cool band because of how they blend bass, drums, and some deep vocals simultaneously. They also ensure their lyrics come with a whole lot of meaning attached to them, leading to having a feeling that their music has no actual boundaries. Ultimately, they push the boundaries of their creative side, and the outcome is some slick music that has delighted many people across Japan.

Their music is a smoothness to it all that you don’t always get with rock. We also love that they are willing to turn their talents to other aspects of music and then see what the end result may be.

9. Bump of Chicken

BUMP OF CHICKEN「supernova」

This band is legendary in Japan, and for a good reason. Aside from their first two singles, every other one has reached the top 10 in the charts. This band has even been able to influence Japanese pop culture, which is not an easy thing to do. People love their more laid-back and fun approach to rock, making them easy to listen to on repeat. 

We added this band because they have the sort of appeal that means the entire family could really listen to them without any issues. It’s rock music, but the type that is pleasant on the ears. 

10. Dir en Grey

DIR EN GREY - 「The World of Mercy」 (Promotion Edit Ver.) (CLIP)

Dir En Grey focuses more on alternative metal and hard rock, so you already know what to expect from this band with their music. We appreciate the absolute raw energy they put into their music as they thrash out song after song with a rough edge to it that grabs and shakes you like mad until they are done.

But that’s what we love about them and also why they remain so popular across Japan. Thanks to their music, they will quickly bring that aggression and anger out of you, allowing it to be free. 

11. Light Bringer

Hyperion(フル)/LIGHT BRINGER

Light Bringer offers you a blend between heavy rock and power metal, and it’s two different musical genres they can easily move between. The production levels surrounding their music are solid, to say the least. It then gives something of a smooth feel to their music, which contradicts the frenzied pace and sound that then erupts when in full power metal mode. The vocals are executed to perfection but don’t be surprised to encounter the occasional experimental track thrown in as well. This band loves to push boundaries with their music, and you are the one they will experiment on. 

12. The GazettE

the GazettE 『UGLY』Music Video

This band moves between hard rock and nu metal, giving you an insight into the heavy sound that accompanies their music. Seen as being highly creative in their music, they seek to produce a unique sound with a tendency to create moving songs with deep and meaningful lyrics that make you stop and think. This may be hard rock, but we love the thoughtfulness behind the instruments and the words.

Honestly, you would not expect them to have the ability to introduce as much emotion into their music as they are capable of doing. 

13. RC Succession

Akirete Monomo Ienai (Live At Budohkan / 1981)

This band brings some blues rock mixed with your more standard indie rock resulting in a sound that appears so different from most rock bands from Japan. Formed in Tokyo, they have produced countless albums over several decades and picked up a host of awards. They go big for more of an acoustic sound at different times, and don’t be surprised if some of their songs sound as if they have a bit of soul included. They just want to try out any type of music wherever possible.

14. Dadaroma


This band moves between the most demanding rock music and metalcore, so you can already imagine what their music will sound like. They only produced a few albums during their relatively short stint of making music, but you can still anticipate music played at a frantic pace with huge drums and the heaviest of guitars. If you love your rock rough, Dadaroma may hit the right note.

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15. One Ok Rock


This band can cross over between power pop and alternative rock, and they do so with absolute ease and panache. You will hear similarities to bands such as Linkin Park thrown in for good measure, and even lovers of emo rock should get something out of the music from One OK Rock. We love their mix of a pop sound with a rock sound, and this time they achieve the perfect balance, unlike some other bands out there.

This is just fun-filled pop-rock music with such smoothness from start to end. When you listen to them for the first time, you will instantly understand why they have gained such a following across Japan.

16. Blood Stain Child


One of the key aspects of Blood Stain Child has to be the rough and angry vocals that come with most of their songs. It’s as if this band has so much to say and effectively hates the world, which comes across in their music. Yet, at times, the drums in their songs sound almost muddy in their dullness, which pulls you into a point where you think everything has calmed down, only for them to explode in anger once more. It’s well-balanced music, and this band is very slick at what they do.

The only thing we struggle with regarding this band is that their music can suddenly drop down to a slow tempo that feels as if you need so much energy to listen to it. 

17. Nokemono

Nokemono (野獣) - Down to Hell (Live at EastWest '78)

One thing that stands out for us when it comes to the music of Nokemono is the absolute speed they manage to play at. The aggression and anger that seeps through their music are also very apparent, and it’s a feeling that never calms down at any point. Yet, we also see that as the main draw card for this band. You know they are invested 110% into their music, and each song gives you the impression of them emptying the gas tank and giving everything they have, which is a powerful emotion to get from music.

18. Radwimps

RADWIMPS - DADA [Official Music Video]

Classed as an indie rock band, Radwimps made their debut in 2001 and have been delighting fans across Japan ever since. What we enjoy about them is how they incorporate something of a feel-good factor into their music. It’s light and airy while also being packed full of fun. It’s really rock music that any individual can listen to and enjoy the experience.

They are a stunning band, and if you are new to the concept of Japanese rock music, then this is one band we think you should start your journey with. We promise they will blow you away. 

19. X-Ray


This rock and heavy metal band will blow your mind with their stunning riffs that are both heavy and vibrant at the same time. But one thing we love is the way they then blend in some keyboards before rocking you out once again. They pack so much energy into their sound, and they do have a tendency to talk more about girls in their songs than the average band. However, they are loved in Japan, with people drawn to their rough and melodic approach to rock music.

20. Terra Rosa

Terra Rosa - Hi no Naka ni Kage [火の中に影] (PV) (High audio quality)

As a rock band, Terra Rosa can move you from something of a psychedelic sound to heavy metal and back again without you even noticing you have been taken along for a ride. This female-fronted band will explode through your speakers, and their ability to blend different rock aspects into their own take on rock music is astonishing.

The strong and powerful vocals stand out, and their control over their music is astounding.

21. Deviloof

DEVILOOF - 拷訊惨獄(Official Music Video)

The thing about Deviloof is their music remains dark and aggressive to listen to. This is a serious rock band that sometimes crosses over into deathcore, so they know how to stamp all over you with their music. Their lyrics are violent and punchy, giving off one serious vibe you cannot replicate elsewhere. It’s the type of band that should come with a health warning first.

22. Jupiter

Jupiter「Zeus:Ⅰ.Legend Never Die」MV FULL

Jupiter produces some of the heaviest rock and power metal sounds you are ever likely to hear, and that does mean they play their music loud. And yet, at the same time, they can synchronize everything, so the different layers of their music blend without a problem. The vocals from Kamijo are strong and pack a real punch adding so much to each track.

Overall, Jupiter is a band that just has confidence in what they do, and it seeps from every pore. That confidence leaps out at you through each song, making the experience far more enjoyable in the process. 

23. Uverworld

UVERworld 『君の好きなうた』

Uverworld is an interesting band to include as they are not only rockers, but they also manage to bring some rap into their music at different times as well. We also love that they are inspired by a range of bands, from Queen to Frank Sinatra, and that’s cool in our book. Where else will you hear some good old-fashioned crooning followed by pop and then rock? Uverworld is where you will hear that.

24. Sabbrabells


Sabbrabells is an authentic 80s-style metal and rock band, and this is something that screams out at you from their music. It’s all about impressive riffs and some wizard-like guitar skills, and yet it still has more than its fair share of enchantment that brings you into every song. Also, they tend to enjoy leaving their music a little bit rough around the edges, but that adds some extra depth to it that makes the end result even more appealing.

25. Crowley

Crowley - Stalker (Japanese heavy metal band)

One thing that leaps out for us when it comes to Crowley is the massive riffs and explosive guitar sounds that dominate their music. But at times, they also produce a double vocal layer that just takes their music to a whole new level. There is something quite anthemic about what they do, which alone helps them stand out in a sea of other rock bands across Japan.

26. My First Story

MY FIRST STORY - ALONE - Official Music Video

This is a superb alternative rock band from Tokyo, and they quickly became one of the hottest tickets in Japan after their launch in 2011. Starting off as more of an emo rock band, their sound has evolved over the years as they grow up and move off into a different rock genre. Their steady riffs and fun lyrics manage to show a real consistency in what they produce. With this band, you know what you are going to get, and you will rarely feel disappointed. 

27. Band-Maid

BAND-MAID / glory (Official Music Video)

This all-female hard rock band knows a thing or two about putting on a show. They even appear dressed as a Japanese cafeteria maid, but it’s all part of their approach to visual rock and cosplay. In other words, they fit right in with Japanese pop culture. But don’t be fooled. This is quite aggressive and angry rock music that you just don’t expect from them, but we think that’s part of their appeal, as the surprise factor is overwhelming.

28. Asian Kung-Fu Generation


This band has an ability to bring a bit of fun to alternative rock, and they have been able to enthrall audiences across Japan while also making a mark abroad. This is certainly more of a laid-back type of rock music to listen to than others on our list. As indie rock goes, this band produces some classic stuff that will certainly appear to be pleasant to your ears.

29. Nightmare


Nightmare is one of Japan’s top alternative rock bands, yet the thing we love about this band is the way they are not afraid to experiment. Instead, they will quickly move between different rock genres throughout their albums, resulting in various sounds in just one song after the other. It shows their talent as musicians that each song sounds as if it blends together with ease, making them a joy to listen to.

30. Dimlim

DIMLIM - What's up ? (Official Video)

Dimlim initially comes across as your standard rock band, but they manage to pull together tight songs with workable melodies that capture the attention of their fans. They admit they have been influenced by scores of other Japanese rock bands, so it all sounds quite familiar. Yet, it’s the smooth nature of their songs that has led us to include them in this list as each member bounces off one another, leading to some highly infectious tunes.

31. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

[MV]Get Back the Hope / Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas

If you want to experience something completely different with rock music, this is the band to check out. They bring electronica and dance to metal and rock music resulting in their own unique sound. This is emo rock like you have never heard before, and we cannot help but be drawn into their melodies, and we promise they will get you up and dancing.

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