35 Best Christian Rappers

It’s fair to say that a lot of topics in hip hop aren’t necessarily Christ-like, which leaves many Christians in a predicament when their favorite genre revolves around the rhythms and rhymes of rappers. Thankfully, there are plenty of great Christian rap artists out there who both give glory to God and give them faithful tracks they can listen to without guilt. In this article, we’ll dive into the 35 best Christian rappers to listen to when you want sick beats but want to keep things holy. 

1. Lecrae 

Lecrae - Blessings (Video) ft. Ty Dolla $ign

Lecrae is far and away the biggest rapper in the Christian rap game, and he’s had an incredibly successful career. Born in Houston, Texas, in 1979, Lecrae Devaughn Moore suffered through a traumatic childhood on the way to finding God. He started life as an atheist after being the victim of sexual abuse by a babysitter as a child and going through a phase of extensive drug use in his youth. Music became a sort of therapy for him, and he came to terms with his own faith as he matured and grew out of his sinful habits.

Those early experiences are one of the things that make him so popular though, as he uses them as life lessons for others and to encourage younger audiences that they can find ways out. His music career has brought him two Grammy Awards, 10 studio albums, and a G.M.A. Dove Award for Artist of the Year. In addition to his rap career, he is the founder and CEO of the Reach Records record label. Outside of work, he’s published two books that discuss his life and belief and is an active volunteer.

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2. NF 

Aside from Lecrae, NF is the other most famous name in the Christian rap scene. Born in Gladwin, Michigan, in 1991, Nathan John Feuerstein is another Christian rapper who leverages their personal struggles as a way to build faith in God. He spent a long period of his life without a father after his parent’s divorce and had to deal with his mother dying of a drug overdose in 2009.

He claims that the negative events of his life have been the impetus for his faith growing so strong and the reason why he’s dedicated to being a Christian rapper. He is best known for the incredible basslines in his songs and the authentic and relatable lyrics he includes in them. His most successful single, Let You Down, rose as high as number 12 on the US Billboard Hot 100, and his fourth studio album, The Search, took the top spot on the Billboard 200 in 2019. 

3. Chance The Rapper

Chance the Rapper - Child of God (2022) | [Official Music Video]

Chance The Rapper may seem like a surprise choice on this list, as he has more of a following in mainstream rap circles than the Christian rap community. This amount of success makes him likely the most successful and well-known artist on this entire list. Like most of us, he had a troubled spiritual journey, eventually dedicating himself to his faith after the birth of his daughter was plagued by an atrial flutter.

He doesn’t box himself in as a stereotypical Christian rapper, but his songs are full of references to both his faith and the challenges he’s had to overcome. His 2016 mixtape, Coloring Book, debuted at number eight on the Hot 200 before earning him three Grammy Awards. Unlike most of the rest of our entries here, he has worked alongside some of the biggest names in the hip hop industry, from Kanye West to Lil Wayne.

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4. KB

KB - 10k (Official Music Video)

KB had an interesting journey to establish his music career. He was born in St. Petersburg, Florida, in 1988, but eventually moved to Illinois. While studying at a Bible college, he formed the hip hop group HGA (His Glory Alone). He eventually earned a recording contract with Lecrae’s label Reach Records in 2010, releasing a collaboration with the rapper titled Go. His music career has been expansive, releasing songs as a solo artist under the Reach Records label while maintaining his position in HGA. 

5. Andy Mineo

Andy Mineo, Lecrae - Been About It (Official Video)

Andy Mineo is much more than just a Christian rapper. He’s also a producer, music executive, and member of the clergy. While his solo career is cemented, most fans recognize his work as part of the group 116 Clique, though today he works under Reach Records. Each subsequent release of his solo career has become more successful.

Earlier works included studio albums in 2013 and 2015 that reached number 11 and 10 on the Billboard 200. His 2014 EP Never Land rose to number 13 on that chart and won the Dove Award for Rap/Hip-Hop Album of the Year. Finally, his 2019 album rose to number two on that chart. 

6. Flame

"Start Over" - FLAME feat. NF - Official Video

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1981, Marcus Tyrone Gray spent his childhood writing spiritual songs, eventually turning them into rap verses. Better known as Flame now, the rapper eventually earned a record deal with Cross Movement Records and released his first album in 2004. After releasing several albums under that label, he set up his own under the name Clear Sight Music. In 2008, he released his Our World: Redeemed album and earned nominations at the Grammy, Dove, and Stellar award ceremonies. 

7. TobyMac

TobyMac - Edge Of My Seat (Lyric Video)

Toby Mac is one of the founding fathers when it comes to the Christian rap community. His first album was released in 2001, but he initially gained notoriety for being part of the Christian rap-rock group Talk. His over 10 million record sales land him near the top of the list of best-selling Christian rappers, but his quality of work is elevated enough to bring his music to secular audiences as well.

Some of his most famous songs include Speak Life and Love Broke Thru. He has won seven Grammy Awards during his career, and his 2012 album Eye On You debuted at number one on the Billboard 200. 

8. Trip Lee 

Trip Lee - Confetti (Official Audio)

Trip Lee isn’t just a Christian rapper, he’s also a preacher. His career exploded thanks to a unique sound, but he eventually moved into something more reminiscent of gospel music than hip hop. Today, he’s one of the bigger names in the industry, thanks in large part to albums like Rise and The Good Life. Some of his most notable songs include Sweet Victory, Lazarus, and Insomniac.

9. BJ The Chicago Kid 

BJ the Chicago Kid - Turnin Me Up

BJ The Chicago Kid got involved in music at a young age, originally working as a backup singer for artists like Stevie Wonder and Mary J. Blige. Those themes would continue into his solo career, allowing him to develop his own style of R&B and soul music that incorporates man’s faith in God. He’s another artist who has worked with big names in music, with collaborations with Kanye West, Schoolboy Q, and Freddie Gibbs all on his resume. Some of his best songs include His Pain and Church.

10. Derek Minor 

Derek Minor - It Is What It Is (Official Video)

Derek Minor is another amazing rapper who expanded his business to include production and becoming a music executive. His most notable collaborations have been within the Christian rap genre, working alongside the likes of Lecrae, Andy Mineo, and KB. In 2016, his breakthrough finally came, notching him an album that reached number five on the Top Rap Albums chart.

Outside of music, he is a businessman and humanitarian, founding Reflection Music Group and becoming a prolific investor. Some of his most notable songs include Party People and Change The World.

11. Tedashii

Tedashii, Trip Lee — Texas Pete (Official Audio) ft. Lecrae

Tedashii is another incredible Christian rapper who spent time as part of the 116 Clique. Of his seven albums, his 2011 album Blacklight is the most notable. That one made it to the top of the Christian Albums chart, number two on the Gospel Albums chart, and broke the top 70 of the Billboard 200. It has several heart-wrenching songs that deal with the tragic loss of his one-year-old child and the spiritual traumas he dealt with in the aftermath. Some of his most notable tracks include Dum Dum, Gotta Live, and God Flex.

12. Bizzle

Bizzle - No Hate (feat. Bumps INF) - Official Music Video

Bizzle gained a lot of notoriety for his 2010 song criticizing Jay-Z for making insulting remarks about Jesus and Christians. While controversy arose, it did nothing but gain him a bigger platform, which he used to attack the single Same Love for promoting homosexuality and trying to use the Black Civil Rights movement to advance gay rights. 

13. 1K Phew

1K Phew - Church House Trap House (Official Music Video) ft. 1K Pson

Rapper 1K Phew is another artist who implements trap music into his Christian rap and is yet another member of this list to be a member of 116 Clique. His main focus is a message of hope and positivity to other trap musicians, hoping to help them clean up their lives. 

14. Guvna B

Guvna B, Ghetts - U Get Me?

While most of our most popular Christian rappers hail from the US, Guvna B is the most popular Christian rapper in the UK—if you hadn’t guessed from the stage name. Since 2008, he has released nine studio albums, winning the MOBO Award for Best Gospel Artist four times.

If you’re looking for a motivational artist to get you through a tough time in life, this is your guy. His own experiences are poured into the music, with the goal of uplifting and encouraging fellow Christians through his music. Some of his most notable songs include Nothing But The Blood, Peace Of God, and Fall On Me.

15. Hulvey

Hulvey, Lecrae - WALK (Official Live Video)

Hulvey is a relative newcomer compared to the rest of the artists on this list, getting his major debut in 2021. His first album rose to number eight on the Top Christian Albums list and broke into the top 20 of the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart that year. In addition to his solo work, you can check him out on 116 Clique and Lecrae’s albums as well. Some of his most notable songs include Can’t Tell It All and Reasons.


WHATUPRG - PRAISE! (Official Music Video)

WHATUPRG has one of the most unique sounds on our list of Christian rappers thanks to his involvement with trap rhythms and reggae music. Brought up by Mexican immigrants who settled in Georgia, his signature sound earned him a place in 166 Clique, and his three solo studio albums have been incredibly successful. 

17. Manafest

Manafest - Edge of my Life (Official Music Video)

Manafest has been a big part of the Christian rap-rock community in recent years, but he’s been rapping for over 30 years. His first album was released in 2003, but his 11th and most recent album came out in 2022. On Spotify, he’s one of the most successful Christian rappers out there with over 800,000 monthly listeners. 

18. Wande

Wande, Porsha Love - Don't Worry Bout It

Where most of the rappers on this list have been men, Wande is probably the most prominent Christian rapper that is female. She was the first female artist to be signed by Reach and her 2020 album Exit was a smash hit. 

19. Sho Baraka

Sho Baraka - Road To Humble, 1979 (Official Video)

Sho Baraka was one of the earliest members of 116 Clique, eventually spending time under Reach Records before launching his own label. His rap style flows between conscious rap and Christian rap, taking on social issues as often as he raps about his faith. Of his six studio albums, Talented 10th is regarded as his best. 

20. Social Club Misfits 

Social Club Misfits - Misfit Anthem ft. Riley Clemmons (Official Music Video)

Miami rap duo Social Club Misfits began their career in 2010. After releasing several albums, the pair has earned several charting albums on the Top Hip-Hop Albums, Billboard 200, and Gospel Albums charts. 


GAWVI - Fight For Me ft. Lecrae

GAWVI rose to prominence thanks to releasing six albums in seven years, helping him take over the Christian rap industry and cementing his place as one of the forerunners of the genre going forward. Unfortunately, Reach Records cut ties with him after he apparently exposed himself to female fans, but his earlier work doesn’t suffer from his later problems. 

22. Thi’sl

Thi'sl - I Heard A Voice (Visual)

Thi’sl started his rap career at the age of 14. After his childhood was plagued by gang involvement, the style would eventually impact his music career. Giving up his old ways, he turned to Christian hip hop and released several popular singles like Majestic and Redemption.

23. Da’ T.R.U.T.H.

Da’ T.R.U.T.H. is a rapper who has dealt with plenty of controversy in his career. After it was discovered that he had an affair with his friend’s wife, he lost his ministry and hasn’t released any new music since. Despite that, his earlier work is still uplifting, and while he is no longer a prominent member of the community, he used to be one of the biggest names out there. 

24. Swoope

Swoope - All The Time (Official Video)

Swoope is a Christian rapper for those who love the old hip hop style that relied on expressive wordplay. In addition to his solo career, he is a member of the rap group Wrecking Crew and has worked alongside other rappers like Mac Miller, Lecrae, and Tedashii. 

25. KJ-52

You're Gonna Make It

KJ-52 released his first album in 2000 titled 7th Avenue. In the time since then, his catalog has expanded to 16 studio albums and several demos. While his work is amazing, it’s garnered quite a bit of controversy and has even seen the rapper receive death threats. 

26. Canton Jones

Canton Jones G.O.D. - Official Video

Canton Jones is also a minister in the Free Life Church on top of being a successful rapper. His time in choir allowed him to sing in Creflo Dollar’s World Changers Church and his time in the school glee club saw him perform for many big names. Today, he’s released 13 solo albums of works. 

27. Black Knight (BrvndonP)

BrvndonP & Mission - Issa Bop (Official Video)

Black Knight or BrvndonP broke onto the scene in 2016 with his self-titled debut album. His best work can be found on E.P.s like We Live It and No Fakery, but you’ve also likely heard him alongside other artists like Alex Medina and Canon.

28. Canon 

Lecrae - Blow Your High - ft. Canon - typography music video - Christian Rap

Canon was a successful rapper in his own right, but he’s better known today as Lecrae’s hype man. He has six albums and EPs worth checking out, with his 2015 entry charting on Billboard’s charts. 

29. DC Talk 

DC Talk - Jesus Freak (Original Video)

DC Talk produced their best work during the 90s, earning a Grammy Award for Best Rock Gospel Album despite actually creating a rap album. While they haven’t been creating new music in the last 20 years or so, their work is still amazing and makes them worthy of this list. 

30. Propaganda

Propaganda is a Christian rapper, but most of his songs focus on societal issues in a similar manner to other conscious rappers out there. Far from controversy in his lyrics, he spreads positivity through his tracks to try to drive positive discussions and make societal changes. 

31. Sevin

SEVIN - SOMEBODY LIED - (The TRUTH about Gang Culture 🤯) - @sevinhogmob feat. H.U.R.T.

If you love gangster rap but need a more Christian viewpoint, Sevin is your man. His 17 albums and mixtapes make him one of the most prolific recording artists on the list, and he also runs an urban ministry that spreads across three states. 

32. Pigeon John

Pigeon John is a member of Brainwash Projects and Rootbeer, though he used to be a member of the L.A. Symphony. He blends several genres of music together to appeal to diverse audiences and spread the word of God. 

33. Mali Music

Mali Music - Beautiful

Mali Music won a Grammy Award for Best Gospel Performance Song for his single Moving On. His best album, Mali Is…, made it to number 16 on the Billboard 200 and number two on the US Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. 

34. V Rose 

Vienna Rose Dare is a Christian electronic dance and rap artist with a total of six studio albums to her name. Her fourth and fifth albums are the most popular, though all of them are worth checking out. 

35. nobigdyl.

Rapper nobigdyl. was mentored by Derek Minor, frequently appearing on Minor’s singles and albums. He would eventually release his debut album in 2017 titled Canopy, finding newfound success as a solo artist.

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