25 Powerful Songs About The Holy Spirit

Religion has been a topic in music for decades, and there are several tracks that talk about the Holy Spirit that make you feel inspired and loved throughout several genres of music.

Here is our list of 25 powerful songs about the Holy Spirit that you should check out! 

1. Spirit Move – Kalley Heiligenthal 

Spirit Move (Official Lyric Video) - Kalley Heiligenthal | Have It All

Up first is the song Spirit Move by Kalley Heiligenthal, which was released in 2016 on the album Have It All. This is one of the best tracks about the Holy Spirit due to the powerful beat of the song mixed with the strong lyrics. When you hear this track, you’ll get goosebumps throughout your body and feel it in your bones just as the song suggests. 

2. Spirit Of The Living God – Bryan & Katie Torwalt 

Spirit Of The Living God

Next is the 2013 hit song Spirit Of The Living God from the album Kingdom Come by Katie and Bryan Torwalt. The lyrics of this track go into wishing for the Holy Spirit to emerge and how powerful it is that it can be felt like a burst of wind. When you listen to this song, you can feel the presence of the Holy Spirit and it talks about how it can heal all your wounds, such as heartbreak. 

3. Ghost – MercyMe

In 2017, MercyMe released the song Ghost from Lifer, which was the ninth album from the group. This album was such a success that it won the GMA Dove Award in the category of  Pop/Contemporary Album Of The Year! It will allow you to feel the power of the Holy Spirit as it dives into what it is, including a big source of comfort and a friend to those that believe. 

You’ll feel content and at peace when you listen to the track since it talks about how the Holy Spirit is there for you through times of darkness and times of unknown circumstances. The entire album, Lifer, is worth checking out since it was also nominated for a Grammy in the Best Christian Contemporary Album category and nominated for the Billboard Top Christian Album award. 

4. The Change In Me – Casting Crowns 

Casting Crowns - The Change In Me (Visualizer)

Next up is a song from another album nominated for the GMA Dove award in the Pop/Contemporary Album Of The Year category. We are talking about the Casting Crowns and their album Only Jesus, which contains the powerful and uplifting song The Change In Me. 

This track makes our list because it details how the Holy Spirit is there to help guide us when we need it the most and He will be there to provide comfort when we don’t know where to turn. It has very gentle instruments as the vocals are intense and impassioned to create a very emotional connection to the Holy Spirit. 

5. Fullness – Elevation Worship 

Fullness | Live | Elevation Worship

Elevation Worship makes our list with the song Fullness from the 2017 album There Is A Cloud. This track is going to make you feel full of the Holy Spirit just as the song suggests. You’re going to feel the power and strength of Him as you listen to this track. The meaningful and deep lyrics will make you feel like He is with you every step of the way even in times when you’ve doubted His presence. 

6. Spirit Of God – Phil Wickham 

Phil Wickham - Spirit of God (Audio)

In 2016, Phil Wickham released Spirit Of God on the album Children Of God, and this song is one of intensity since it includes scripture. It includes lines from John 3:30 including “He must become greater, I must become less,” which is incredibly empowering and comforting in times of doubt. You’ll also hear Timothy 1:6 within the track, so the inclusion of scripture alone makes this one of the top songs on our list. 

7. This I Believe (The Creed)- Hillsong Worship

This I Believe (The Creed) - Hillsong Worship

Next on our list is Hillsong Worship with their popular song This I Believe (The Creed), which comes from the No Other Name album. The album won the award for GMA Dove Worship Album Of The Year, so you know it’s going to make our list! 

 If you’ve been in a church for services in the last decade then you’ve heard this track more than once as it’s a staple at churches all over the world. What’s lovely about this tune is that it goes into how God is an all-in-one since He is the Holy Spirit, the Son, and the Father. There is confirmation in the song that God is always around and with us because of the Holy Spirit.

8. Spirit Break Out – Kim Walker-Smith 

Kim Walker-Smith - Spirit Break Out (Live/Audio)

Kim Walker-Smith released Still Believe in 2012, and on that album is Spirit Break Out, which makes our list because it’s all focused on the Holy Spirit and even talks about heaven. We’ve included this song because it’s an amazing track detailing how while we are on Earth, we have the presence of God through the Holy Spirit and see the wonders and beauty that He has created for us until the day we get to heaven. 

9. Here As In Heaven – Elevation Worship 

Here As In Heaven | Live | Elevation Worship

Calling all Elevation Worship fans, the group makes our list again with the song Here As In Heaven, which was released in 2016, and the album was nominated for the GMA Dove award in the category of Worship Album Of The Year. The lyrics of this track detail how when we have God’s spirit around us, there is a change that happens, and it’s a change that can be felt by all. You’ll feel that presence even more because of the slower tempo of the song, and it’s very emotionally moving. 

10. Breathe On Us – Kari Jobe 

Kari Jobe - Breathe On Us (Live)

If you haven’t heard Kari Jobe, then you need to listen to the 2014 lovely track Breathe On Us from the album Majestic, which makes our list as one of the best Holy Spirit songs out there. Not only does she have a beautiful voice, which adds emotion to this track, but she is an amazing songwriter that leads excellent worship. 

When you listen to this, there is the imagery of the disciples with Peter as they are receiving the Holy Spirit, so it’s perfect for conveying what happens in Act 2. It feels like the Holy Spirit is working through her as she sings because it’s filled with emotion and power that is unexplainable but felt by everyone. 

11. Spirit Fall – Passion Music 

Spirit Fall (Live)

On our list next is Chris Tomlin leading the vocals on Spirit Fall, which is a 2011 song by Passion Music from the album Passion: Here For You. He is not only a Christian artist, but he’s won a Grammy, Billboard award, and a Dove award, so he’s clearly talented and one of the most popular musicians around today. 

While this isn’t a very long track, you don’t need a 10-minute song to feel the impact, especially when it comes to the deep lyrics in it. You will feel the Holy Spirit as he calls for it in this song and asks for the Holy Spirit to give us power and glory.

12. Welcome Holy Spirit – Oasis Worship 

Welcome Holy Spirit

On Heart Of Worship Volume 4 by Oasis Worship, we are blessed with the song Welcome Holy Spirit, and we have to include this track on our list because it’s a comforting and nostalgic feeling. You’ll notice it has a more old-school feeling to it even though it’s a new song, and you will feel His presence as the track asks for God to fill the hearts of all singing along to the song. The track welcomes the Holy Spirit into our lives and goes into how it is a counselor, a comforter when needed, and living as water.

13. Fresh Wind – Hillsong Worship

Fresh Wind (Official Lyric Video) - Hillsong Worship

Hillsong Worship makes our list with the new 2022 song Fresh Wind from the album These Same Skies, and this track has incredibly strong vocals. David Ware, the leader of Hillsong Worship, and Brooke Ligertwood, a Christian independent artist, are the two that you hear in the song singing with powerful and moving voices that’ll lift you up. 

What’s unique about this track is that it’s coming from Christ’s church perspective and is praying for His spirit and a revival. There is also encouragement in the song for people who believe in God to praise him in a way that can stir Him up within our inner selves.

14. Holy Spirit – Francesca Battistelli 

Francesca Battistelli - Holy Spirit (Official Audio)

In 2014, from the album If We’re Honest is a lovely song called Holy Spirit by Francesca Battistelli that has to be included on our list. This track about the Holy Spirit is nothing short of amazing and perfect since it begins all slow and semi-quiet but then turns into a powerful ballad. The transitions that you hear throughout the tune are epic, and the song goes into detail about the Holy Spirit and what it can bring out from inside of us all. 

15. Spirit Wind – Casting Crowns 

Casting Crowns makes our list again with the song Spirit Wind, which was released in 2011 off of the album Come To The Well. This is one of those upbeat religious ballads where you can feel the Holy Spirit next to you like a gentle breeze hitting your face on a summer day. 

Lyrically, it talks about how there can be renewal and revival if God uses his breath to give us his spirit, and it’s a joyful track you’ll want to hear again and again. A winner of the Top Christian Album Of The Year award from Billboard Music, it was also nominated for a Grammy in the Best Contemporary Christian Music album category.  

16. Come Holy Spirit – Dan Callow & Emily Clark 

Up next is the 2017 song from Dan Callow and Emily Clark called Come Holy Spirit from the album We Will Go Out. You can hear the Trinity elements in the track within the first three verses of it, and it isn’t until the fourth verse that we can really get the Holy Spirit vibe. 

17. Spirit Of The Living God – Vertical Worship

Vertical Worship - Spirit of the Living God (Music Video)

Vertical Worship released the song Spirit Of The Living God in 2015 on the album Church Songs, and this is one of the more unique and interesting tracks on our list. It’s a love song where adoration is directed at the Holy Spirit. The lyrics go into how everything can be changed by the Holy Spirit, such as the Holy Spirit turning a bad situation into something good. You’ve likely heard this at church because it’s incredibly popular and even won the GMA Dove Award in 2018 for Worship Song Of The Year!

18. Holy Spirit – Ken Canedo 

Next on our list is Ken Canedo with his song Holy Spirit, which references Isaiah 11:2 in the beginning, including the gifts from the Holy Spirit. There are other parts of the track that come from the Pentecost Sequence, and it’s just a beautiful song that reminds you of the power of the Holy Spirit.

19. Holy Spirit, Living Breath Of God – Keith & Kristyn Getty 

Holy Spirit Living Breath of God (Official Lyric Video) - Keith & Kristyn Getty

In 2012, Keith Getty released the song Holy Spirit, Living Breath of God, and it’s a very uplifting track with a charming melody that you can quickly tell has a lot of Irish influences behind it. This song is very powerful as the lyrics are a long prayer that calls on the Holy Spirit to be a force in our lives that we can see through everyday actions. 

20. Hymn Of The Holy Spirit – Pat Barrett 

Pat Barrett - Hymn Of The Holy Spirit (Offical Audio)

Next is Pat Barrett with the 2018 song Hymn Of The Holy Spirit from his self-titled album. This track uses a lot of scripture in it with the main theme of the song being that he wants the Holy Spirit to lead his life. John 3:16 is referenced in the track as well as Psalm 23:1, so if you know your scripture then you’re going to understand this song and enjoy the message behind it. 

21. Joy Of The Holy Spirit – Mike Stanley 

Joy of the Holy Spirit

Mike Stanley released Joy Of The Holy Spirit, which can be found on the Dewfall CD, and it speaks about the Holy Spirit and all of the gifts and fruits one can receive from it. In this song, you will hear peace, love, and joy being talked about in the verses while awe is part of the bridge. There is also a video for the track that utilizes sign language, which adds a lovely element to the song and makes it different from other Holy Spirit tracks on our list.

22. Send Us The Rain Lord – Dave Wellington 

Send Us the Rain Lord

In 2015, Dave Wellington recorded Glory & Fire and the song Send Us The Rain Lord, and this is an amazing track that uses imagery inspired by scripture to get the point across about asking for the Lord and begging for the rain and love He can provide us. The melody is very intuitive and the refrain is one that rises, so it’s catchy and also touching. 

23. Receive The Power – Guy Sebastian

On our list next is the 2008 song Receive The Power by Guy Sebastian, and this is one of the best ballads for worship so much so that it was the 2008 theme song for World Youth Day in Australia. This is one of the most powerful tracks that is best sung with an entire band or choir, but anyone can recite the chorus and feel the Holy Spirit going through their bodies. This is based on Acts 1:8, so it’s inspirational and very moving. 

24. Holy Spirit Have Your Way – Leeland 

Holy Spirit Have Your Way

Attention those of you who enjoy slower religious ballads because we have the perfect song for you to check out. Holy Spirit Have Your Way by Leeland is the perfect choice to provide you with comfort, peace, and joy. The track comes from the 2009 album Love Is On The Move, and it was nominated for the Best Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album Grammy award, so that should tell you how beautiful the entire album is. 

This goes into how if you accept God’s love then you’re going to feel peace, joy, and comfort, and how wonderful that feeling is once you let Him into your life. The lyrics also acknowledge and confirm that even when things don’t make sense, they are dedicating their life following God.

25. Same Power – Jeremy Camp 

Jeremy Camp - Same Power (Lyric Video)

Last on our list is a song from the 2015 album I Will Follow, which is Same Power by Jeremy Camp. This track will give you some of the truths that we don’t think about when it comes to the Holy Spirit, such as that we have the same spirit within us that helped raise Jesus from the dead. This internal spirit we all share will change us if we believe in it and live by it every day. 

When you listen to this, you’ll feel that it’s comforting and also encouraging, especially if you’re feeling down or hopeless. The lyrics show us that we have the same power, we just have to dig down and use that power to achieve our goals or help get us out of a bad situation.

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