21 Best Morgan Wallen Songs

Alongside other artists like Luke Combs, Morgan Wallen has become one of the faces of country music in the modern age. Since his debut in 2016, he has put out hit after hit, racking up six number-one singles, with several of those debuting at the top spot of the Hot Country Songs Chart.

In this article, we’ll be going over the 21 best songs Morgan Wallen has produced in his career—at least so far. 

1. Whiskey Glasses 

Morgan Wallen - Whiskey Glasses (Official Video)

It’s hard to argue any Morgan Wallen song should sit above Whiskey Glasses. The track topped both Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart and the Country Airplay chart before going on to become certified platinum by the RIAA.

It’s no wonder the song has been so popular, it’s incredibly relatable. It is all about turning to drink to try to get over a bad breakup, with the whiskey helping you forget about your problems and be unable to see the truth of everything, even for a little while. 

2. You Proof 

Morgan Wallen - You Proof (Official Music Video)

We’re going to continue the same themes as our last entry with this one. You Proof is again about drinking away the memory of a long-gone lover. It’s a wonderfully pretty country track combining Wallen’s vocals and an acoustic guitar throughout the entire song.

It was also one of his tracks that debuted atop the Hot Country Songs chart in 2022 and holds the record for the longest run at number one on the Country Airplay Chart. You might have also heard it on TV, as the track was featured on the show Fire Country in 2022. 

3. Wasted On You 

Morgan Wallen – Wasted On You (Audio Only)

In recent years, we’ve seen crossover country hits reach audiences well outside of the normal listeners, take Old Town Road for example. Wasted On You was another one of those songs, with two versions of it officially released. It debuted as part of an acoustic set released by Wallen on YouTube, while another version with trap influences was later released.

It also helped him break records on the charts since, when it debuted atop the Hot Country Songs chart, it made him the first artist to land six songs in the Top 10 of that chart simultaneously. 

4. Thought You Should Know

Morgan Wallen - Thought You Should Know

It’s always nice to see big names in country music team up on a track. Wallen joined up with Miranda Lambert and Nicolle Gaylon to write a letter to his mother in song. Extremely touching, this emotional track describes the personality changes he went through and how he believes his mother was the cause of them.

In 2022, it debuted atop the Hot Country Songs chart, replacing his own track, Wasted On You, for that position and making him the only artist to replace themselves. 

5. Don’t Think Jesus 

Morgan Wallen - Don't Think Jesus (Lyric Video)

Released on Good Friday in 2022, Don’t Think Jesus is another emotional tale that’s classic country music in a modern package. The song tackles the story of a man using alcohol and women to get himself through life but realizes Jesus wouldn’t do it that way and that some changes need to happen.

In truth, the track mirrors Wallen’s own life, with a lifestyle that would turn away pretty much anyone except Jesus himself and that love is what keeps him going instead. 

6. The Way I Talk 

Morgan Wallen - The Way I Talk (Official Video)

Wallen has released hit songs since his debut, with The Way I Talk serving as his introduction to the public and the music world as a whole. It wasn’t a major hit, but the track did end up ranking as the 30th most-played song on country radio and was deeply personal for him. It combines rock and country elements to describe life in the South, and honestly, what country music listeners don’t like a song with a bit of twang to it? 

7. Up Down 

Morgan Wallen - Up Down ft. Florida Georgia Line (Official Video)

Thought You Should Know isn’t the only great Morgan Wallen song that saw him team up with other country music stars. Up Down sees him working with Florida Georgia Line to create one of the best summer country songs of 2018. The music video is especially cool for me, with the artists partying it up in Orange Beach, Alabama, and performing at The Wharf Amphitheater, both not too far from my own hometown.

The track ended up topping the Country Airplay chart, reaching number five on the Hot Country Songs chart, and breaking into the Top 50 of the Billboard Hot 100

8. More Than My Hometown

Morgan Wallen - More Than My Hometown (Official Music Video)

The lead single from Wallen’s second studio album, More Than My Hometown draws on the small-town, rural roots of country music to tell the story of a boy staying in his hometown while his girlfriend moves to the big city. It isn’t a new trope; it’s the kind of hometown love story you’ll find a lot in country music, but it resonates with a lot of listeners.

It topped the Country Airplay charts and made it to number two on the Hot Country Songs chart, even making its way to number 15 on the Billboard Hot 100. 

9. Somebody’s Problem 

Morgan Wallen - Somebody’s Problem (Official Lyric Video)

A common theme in Wallen’s songs is the end of a relationship or struggling with problems in life, and Somebody’s Problem is only a slight exception. The narrator sees a girl and is instantly smitten but feels like she’s got a few rough relationships under her belt.

Overall, it’s the story of the start of a romance, with the narrator grateful that the woman slipped through her ex’s fingers so he has a shot. It wasn’t his best-charting track, but it made it to number three on the Hot Country Songs chart and number 25 on the Billboard Hot 100. 

10. 7 Summers 

Morgan Wallen - 7 Summers (Official Music Video)

The track 7 Summers almost didn’t make the cut for inclusion on Wallen’s second studio album. A demo of it was released online and gained a lot of traction, all but forcing producers to put it into the album. It also received rave reviews from critics, eventually debuting atop the Hot Country Songs chart and breaking the record for single-day streaming with Apple Music.

What’s crazy is it also debuted at number 6 on the Hot 100, making him only the second solo male country artist to get a Top 10 debut on that chart, following in the footsteps of Garth Brooks.

11. Sand In My Boots 

Morgan Wallen - Sand In My Boots (Official Lyric Video)

Wallen’s second album Dangerous: The Double Album produced quite a lot of hits, and Sand In My Boots was no exception. Serving as the third single from the album, critics said it had the best songwriting on it. Again, it’s all about long-lost love and the fading memories of the relationship. It eventually reached number one on the Country Airplay chart, becoming the fifth number-one there for him. 

12. Chasin’ You

Morgan Wallen - Chasin' You (Dream Video)

Chasin’ You was Wallen’s third consecutive number-one single on the Country Airplay chart in 2018 and was declared the chart’s song of the year, the second time one of his tracks received the honor. It also climbed to number two on the Hot Country Songs chart and made an appearance on the Billboard Hot 100, breaking into the Top 20 and peaking at number 16. 

13. Cover Me Up

Morgan Wallen - Cover Me Up

Cover Me Up wasn’t originally a Morgan Wallen song. It was originally written and recorded by Jason Isbell in 2013, but Wallen did a cover version in 2020 that ended up on the Dangerous: The Double Album. It wasn’t ever released as a single, but it still ended up charting. His version made it onto the Hot 100, Hot Country Songs, and Canadian Hot 100 before being certified platinum in both the US and Canada. 

14. Spin You Around 

Morgan Wallen - Spin You Around (Official Video)

Spin You Around is a refreshing departure from Wallen’s typical acoustic guitar and soft vocal sound, leaning more into his rock roots by including distorted guitars and a mid-song guitar solo. It was one of his earlier tracks, released on the 2015 EP Stand Alone and serving as the first song for the album. If you’re already a Morgan Wallen fan but want something a little heavier than his usual fare, this is the track for you. 

15. 865 

Morgan Wallen - 865 (Official Lyric Video)

Another entry from Dangerous: The Double Album, 865 serves as an ode to Wallen’s hometown in Tennessee. The number 865 is the area code in East Tennessee that includes Hancock county, the area he grew up in. The track charted fairly well, rising to number 13 on the Hot Country Songs chart and breaking into the Top 50 of the Billboard Hot 100 by reaching the number 46 position on that chart. 

16. Livin’ The Dream 

Morgan Wallen - Livin’ The Dream (Official Lyric Video)

A peak behind the curtain of our favorite artists’ lives is always something fans love, and Livin’ The Dream does that with Wallen. The song is all about the wild lifestyle he’s found himself a part of since he became a musician, discussing the hardships associated with fame and the perks that go with it as well. He has described it as one of the most personal tracks in his catalog. 

17. Still Goin Down

Morgan Wallen - Still Goin Down (Official Lyric Video)

If you’re in a small town in America, it’s honestly pretty easy to find a tailgate or bonfire to drink some beers around. Still Goin Down is all about that vibe while also serving as a personal love song for the small-town aesthetic. It rose to number eight on the Hot Country Songs chart, featuring on that chart’s year-end performance list, and also making it to number 45 on the Billboard Hot 100.

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18. This Bar 

Morgan Wallen - This Bar (Lyric Video)

This Bar was released as the second promotional single for the vaunted Dangerous: The Double Album, debuting on New Year’s Eve of 2019. Overall, it’s a feel-good song that ended up finding quite a bit of success. It is also one of the best examples of how pure Wallen’s vocals can sound on a record and how much emotion he can put into a track. In the end, it made it to number 29 on the Hot Country Songs chart and number 92 on the Billboard Hot 100. 

19. More Surprised Than Me

Morgan Wallen – More Surprised Than Me (Audio Only)

More Surprised Than Me is a standout song of Wallen’s second album, known best for its self-deprecation, and folk-music and funny vibe. It does cut a little deep, with most guys knowing the feeling of being interested in girls way way way out of our league.

It spent one week on the Billboard Hot 100, making it to number 66, but was more of a hidden gem on the album than one of his major hits despite being one of his best songs. 

20. Silverado For Sale 

Morgan Wallen – Silverado For Sale (Audio Only)

You know a country boy’s in love when he’s willing to sell his truck to buy an engagement ring. Silverado For Sale takes that on while discussing all the memories that will be going out the door alongside that truck. In November of 2022, the song was certified platinum by the RIAA

21. Flower Shops 

ERNEST - Flower Shops (feat. Morgan Wallen) (Acoustic Video)

Another team-up between Wallen and a country artist, Flower Shop is a country song from Ernest that featured Wallen. While not exactly a Morgan Wallen song, it’s still one of the best ones he’s been a part of. Inspired by the likes of George Jones, it discusses how sometimes you can’t apologize properly but flowers are always an option to soften the blow. It’s a throwback country duet, debuting at number 68 on the Billboard Hot 100 and rising to number 13 on the Hot Country Songs chart.

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