20 Best Songs About Wyoming: The Equality State

If you’ve been trying to find out what tracks are about Wyoming, you’ve come to the right place! Continue reading as we tell you the 20 best songs about Wyoming, The Equality State below so that you can add them to your playlist! 

1. Wyoming State Of Mind – The Snarlin’ Yarns 

Wyoming State of Mind

First on our list is The Snarlin’ Yarns with Wyoming State Of Mind, which is a song that pays tribute to the state. There is wonder and awe in this track, which is about the beauty of the landscapes and Mother Nature. If you’ve ever been to Wyoming, then you know it’s a special place filled with magic and wonder and that’s what this song is talking about. You’ll feel the pride and love all the way through the track. 

2. Song Of Wyoming – John Denver 

John Denver is next on our list with Song Of Wyoming, which came out on Windsong, his 1975 album. This track is all about the peace you’ll find in the state. It’s a ballad and folk song that really details the beauty of Wyoming by talking about how he feels refreshed after waking up while in the state.

The track mentions the birds singing and the environment within the state, and it’s great because he knows how to paint the perfect picture of Wyoming to capture its beauty. If you’ve ever been to the state, then you’ll understand and relate to the lyrics of this song

3. What Happened In Wyoming – Envoi 

What Happened in Wyoming

Envoi makes the list with What Happened In Wyoming, which is a rock song by an indie band that’s all about the heartache after a breakup and trying to pick up the pieces. The narrator wishes for closure, so you can feel the emotion in their voice as they go through what their state of mind is, and it’s very melancholy.

In the track, the singer talks about how pretty the landscape is in Wyoming as they think about how isolated and lonely they are without their significant other. You will notice the chorus is asking what happened in the state, which goes into all of the questions people have after a breakup and leads you to believe that they broke up in Wyoming. It’s one of those songs about love, heartache, loss, and moving on that most of us can relate to. 

4. I Can Still Make Cheyenne – George Strait

I Can Still Make Cheyenne

Country singer George Strait had a hit with I Can Still Make Cheyenne, which came out on Blue Clear Sky. The song was released in 1996, and it’s all about a cowboy from Cheyenne, Wyoming, who travels around going to various rodeos.

One day he makes a phone call to his wife at home telling her he’s coming back, and she says he shouldn’t because she’s moved on with someone else. She tells him she’s tired of being alone when he’s out there at these rodeos. He then seems to feel some relief at not having that pressure anymore and then ends it by saying he will just go to Cheyenne. 

5. Wyoming Is For Lovers – The Patti Fiasco 

Wyoming Is for Lovers

The Patti Fiasco makes our list with Wyoming Is For Lovers, which came out in 2011 on their self-titled album. This song is about how rugged the state is and how beautiful it is, so it’s a tribute track to Wyoming filled with admiration. In the song, there is mention of the fact people feel like they belong when they are in the state, and it’s full of love. This track is the perfect representation of the state and everything people who live there love about it. 

6. The Emperor Of Wyoming – Neil Young

The Emperor of Wyoming (2009 Remaster)

Released in 1968 on his solo debut is The Emperor Of Wyoming by Neil Young. This is the instrumental song that begins the album, and it’s beautiful even without words. You can listen to the instruments and tell just how gorgeous the state is and how it’s rugged with varying landscapes that’ll make you feel just about every emotion possible when you see it in person. This is the perfect beginning track for his first solo album, and it is one of his most beloved songs, even though it’s just instrumental. 

7. My Sweet Wyoming Home – Bill Staines 

My Sweet Wyoming Home

Bill Staines is next with My Sweet Wyoming Home, and you can tell by the title that this is a song that pays homage to the state and everything that’s found within it. He has a very sincere emotional connection to home and the people within Wyoming whom he grew up with. You listen to this track and feel a sense of pride if you’re from the state, and if you haven’t visited Wyoming, listening to this will make you want to travel there as soon as you can. 

8. The Beaches of Cheyenne – Garth Brooks 

The Beaches Of Cheyenne (live)

Country singer Garth Brooks is next with The Beaches Of Cheyenne, which comes from his 1995 album Fresh Horses. This song is all about a guy who was killed after bull riding in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The belief is that Lane Frost inspired the track since he was a cowboy who died when he was thrown off of a bull in 1989. The song’s title is about the guy’s wife who begins to walk along the beach at night and is struggling after his death, and it’s said you can still see her footprints in the sand. 

9. Wyoming – Caroline Kid 

In 2022, Caroline Kid released Wyoming from her self-titled EP, and this song is very melancholy and there is so much vivid imagery of Wyoming found in it. It’s all about how a man is imagining their ex in the wilderness sleeping underneath the big open sky and how stars are lighting up the night. They are both lonely and feel isolated being apart and in the big city without one another. 

10. Paint Me Back Home In Wyoming – Chris LeDoux 

Paint Me Back Home In Wyoming

Chris LeDoux makes the list with Paint Me Back Home In Wyoming, which was released in 1978. It’s all about a cowboy who crosses paths with a woman when she’s painting outside in New York, and she wants to know if he’d mind if she put the cowboy in her painting. He tells her that he wants to be painted at home instead, which is Wyoming.

You can hear in the song that he misses his home and wants to leave because he feels isolated and alone. This country track is somber and will remind you of your home and how you felt every time you left to visit another state. 

11. July In Cheyenne – Aaron Watson 

Aaron Watson - July in Cheyenne (Official Lyric Video)

Aaron Watson is next with July In Cheyenne, which was released in 2012 from the album Real Good Time. This song is a country track that’s all about a cowboy who died when he was in a competition. It was held in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and when you listen to the song, it’s easy to feel the sadness, pain, and loss that the family feels when they hear he died during the rodeo.

The instruments in the track provide the vulnerability that you’d expect from a song dealing with a tragic loss, and it’s a very intimate and sensitive track with his soothing vocals. There is a part in the chorus that talks about seeing him again in July in Cheyenne, and this part is haunting and chilling, and it’ll make you tear up remembering someone close you’ve lost that you want to see again. 

12. Wyoming – Tyler Stenson 

"Wyoming" by Tyler Stenson (Aladdin Theater)

Next on the list is Wyoming by Tyler Stenson, which comes from his 2010 album Bittersweet Parade (Live). This is a tribute song to the state, which talks about how quaint and quiet things used to be before the hustle and bustle of life came to the towns. Even though so much has changed in Wyoming, there are many things that haven’t, including its natural beauty and landscape, and that’s what this track is all about. 

13. Happy Birthday (From Wyoming) – Mario Matteoli 

Happy Birthday (From Wyoming)

Next is a folk country song from Mario Matteoli called Happy Birthday (From Wyoming), which is an energetic and upbeat track celebrating the birthday of the state. This song is very catchy and there is a fiddle and guitar featured in the track to really give you that country vibe.

The lyrics talk about the mountains and streams you’ll find in Wyoming, and it’s a heartfelt happy birthday song that goes into everything we love about the state. If you’ve been to Wyoming then you know all of the beauty that is found in the state, and it’s a very uplifting track that will serve as a loving tribute to it as well as a warm and lively birthday tune for almost anyone. 

14. Wyoming Wind – Chancey Williams And The Younger Brothers Band

Chancey Williams And The Younger Brothers Band released the song Wyoming Wind in 2020 on their 3rd Street album. This is a sad track that is about a man at a rodeo, and while he’s out competing at these events, his wife is home all alone. We find out the man ends up dying during a competition when he is killed by a bull. and his ashes are then taken and scattered all throughout the state in the Wyoming wind. 

15. Leaving Wyoming – Northcote

Northcote is next with Leaving Wyoming from the 2015 album Hope Is Made Of Steel. This song is a rock track, so it stands out on our list. It’s a folk song too, which is very emotional and is all about leaving the one place you’ve called home and the pain and unknown of such a move. The vocals are soulful and create a feeling of vulnerability and isolation as he talks about all of the memories he had in the state and how beautiful the landscape is.

It then talks about how everyone changes and we all are out searching for meaning in our life, and sometimes that means leaving everything you’ve known behind. This is one of those very emotional tracks that also includes a harmonica and guitar to really bring those feelings to the surface, and it’s a song so many of us can relate to as we transition in our lives. 

16. These Boots – Eric Church 

In 2006, Eric Church released These Boots on the album Sinners Like Me, and this song is about a cowboy who tried to ride a bull during a rodeo in Cheyenne. While he never says Wyoming, considering Cheyenne is the capital of the state and rodeos are commonplace there, this track is about the life of a cowboy as he lives his life going to rodeos and ends up spurring the bull. 

17. Neon – Chris Young 

Chris Young - Neon (Official Video)

Next is Neon by Chris Young, which was released in 2011. This song is all about how much he loves the neon lights that illuminate the city of Cheyenne, Wyoming, at night. While he talks about how the sunflowers in Texas are bright yellow and the sunset in Santa Fe is bright red, it’s the neon found in the city of Cheyenne that he loves, even more than the deep blue Cheyenne sky. 

18. Wyoming & Me – The Black Crowes 

Black Crowes - Wyoming & Me

In 2006, The Black Crowes released the song Wyoming And Me on the album The Lost Crowes, and this track is all about the state. The song goes into detail about the isolation many people living there feel and how there are a lot of hardships the people face economically. If you’ve lived in Wyoming, then you’ll relate to the metaphors used in the track to talk about the state and those who live there. 

19. Wyoming Wind – Brenn Hill 

Brenn Hill is next with Wyoming Wind, which is all about being sad as the narrator plans to leave the state in search of something else. Wyoming was like their second home, and they made a lot of friends in the state traveling from one city to another. There is a sense of loss and grief as the track continues, looking back at the memories the narrator has made while living in the state. 

20. Why Wyoming – Phil Hurley 

Phil Hurley is last on our list with Why Wyoming, which was released in 2022 on the album Firebird Sessions. This song is about trying to find meaning in life, and it’s using the state’s emptiness to convey those thoughts and feelings. He talks about how the landscape of Wyoming can help him find that spiritual element he’s been searching for.

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