20 Best Songs About Utah: The Beehive State

Utah is known for many things, such as having some of the best places to eat, but did you know a lot of musicians have raved about this state in their music? Keep reading as we get into the 20 best songs about Utah: The Beehive State! 

1. Utah Carol – Marty Robbins 

Marty Robbins is first on our list with Utah Carol, which was released in 1959, and this song is all about a cowboy who lived in Utah. The boy was named Carol, and he was killed by the cops in the 1900s, so it’s a sad and tragic story that’ll be sure to capture your attention. 

2. Salt Lake City – Bob Weir 

Bob Weir - Salt Lake City

Next is Bob Weir with his 1978 hit song Salt Lake City, which was released on Ace, his solo debut record. This track is upbeat and the lyrics go into detail about the city and how wonderful it is and beautiful. You may enjoy the unique voice that he has, and there is a guitar solo as well as a bass solo in this song. This rock track is still enjoyed by people today, and it’s a classic Salt Lake tune to make you feel proud of your city. 

3. Salt Lake City – The Beach Boys 

Salt Lake City (Remastered 2001)

In 1965, The Beach Boys released the song Salt Lake City on their album Summer Days (And Summer Nights), and this is one of their classic tracks that’ll have you singing along in no time at all. There is a lot of talk about the attractions found in Salt Lake City as well as the beauty of it all and how serene it all is. Specifically, the Lagoon is mentioned in the song, and this is an amusement park you’ll find about 20 miles away from the city. 

4. Salt Lake City – The Dwarves

On the 2004 album The Dwarves Must Die was the song Salt Lake City by The Dwarves, which is a very fast punk song all about the city. There is an energy in this music that’s hard to find and you get that classic punk vibe and attitude from them as they sing about this famous city in Utah.

5. I Lost My Sugar In Salt Lake City – Johnny Mercer

I Lost My Sugar In Salt Lake City

Johnny Mercer is next with I Lost My Sugar In Salt Lake City, which was released in 1942, so it’s one of the oldest songs on our list. There is brass featured in the track as well as a melody that is full of jazz and swing. This song is a classic track that is all about a guy who is visiting the city trying to find his lover. 

6. The Great Salt Lake – Band of Horses 

Band of Horses - The Great Salt Lake [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Next is Band Of Horses with the song The Great Salt Lake, which was released on their debut album Everything All The Time. The track is all about the mystery and beauty of the city, and there is an introspective vibe to this song. You’ll also notice it has a dream-like feeling to it that’ll make you wish you could visit Salt Lake City just to get away and relax. 

7. Utah Tribute – Chris LeDoux

In 1988, Chris LeDeoux released Utah Tribute, which is a song all about the state that’s more of a tribute than anything else. Even though he is from Mississippi, he loves Utah and praises the atmosphere, people, and gorgeousness of the state. He also believes the citizens there work very hard and praises their ethics. If you love guitar riffs that sound country and southern, then you’ll love this track! 

8. The Promised Land – Bruce Springsteen 

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band - The Promised Land (Live In Barcelona)

Next on our list is The Boss, Bruce Springsteen, with the song The Promised Land from Darkness On The Edge Of Town. The chorus is catchy and the lyrics are all about a man who works very hard and is middle-class. This man is looking for a more fulfilling life after living in Utah his entire life and is trying to go for the American Dream. 

9. Utah – Kyle Blankenship 

In 2019, Kyle Blankenship released the song Utah, which is a folk track from an indie star that is more nostalgic about the state and introspective than some of the other songs on our list. While he may be from Oregon, he sings about the relationships he had with people who lived there and the memories of visiting Utah. He thinks the state is full of beauty, and he feels bittersweet when he looks back on his time in it and the people he knew there.

10. Utah Anthem (Utah… This Is The Place) – Sam And Gary Francis 

Utah Anthem (Utah... this Is the Place)

In 1996, Sam and Gary Francis released the track Utah Anthem (Utah… This Is The Place), which is a folk tune all about the state. A few years later in 2002, Utah named it its state song officially, and it’s a tribute track to it filled with a guitar solo and pretty melody to give you that earthly and downhome feeling. There is a lot of history told in this song too, so it’s catchy, full of pride, and will teach you all about the state. 

11. The Red Hills of Utah – Marty Robbins

The Red Hills of Utah

Marty Robbins makes the list once again with The Red Hills Of Utah, which is all about the red hills you’ll find in the state and how peaceful and pretty it all is. It’s majestic to look at, and it’s going to make you feel calm and at ease when you’re near them. This is a tune that you’ll enjoy if you love him and his voice. There is also guitar picking in the track that is very unique and fun if you’re into that. 

12. Palace Of The Brine – Pixies 

Palace of the Brine

On the album, Bossanova is the next song on our list, which is the Pixies with Palace Of The Brine. This track was released in 199,1 and it’s all about the flats found in Salt Lake City and the lake itself. They really enjoy the vibe and feeling that this area gives and the guitar riffs in the song help give you that out-of-this-world atmospheric style, and it’s a track we think you’d enjoy if you like that type of music. 

13. UTAH GIRL – Fawcette 

Next is Fawcette with their 2023 hit UTAH GIRL, which is one of the newer country songs on our list even though it maintains that iconic country style. There are guitar riffs in the track that have that twang on them while the lyrics are about a girl from Utah who is beautiful and charming, and the guy is falling in love with her after meeting her. It’s a very romantic and sweet song that is loved by fans and is one of the more heartfelt tracks on our list. 

14. Polygamy – Gary Hundley 

Gary Hundley is on our list with Polygamy, which was released in 2020. This song is your traditional type of country track with a lot of twangy guitar riffs. As you might guess, this song is all about the Mormons and their practice of polygamy. There are questions raised in the track about the morality of such a thing as well as the tradition of it within Utah, and whether or not it promotes or hinders individual freedoms. This song is going to make you think twice about polygamy regardless of what side of the issue you’re on. 

15. Ballad For a Friend – Bob Dylan 

Ballad for a Friend (Witmark Demo - 1962)

Next is Bob Dylan with the song Ballad For A Friend from his 2010 album The Bootleg Series: Volume 9: The Witmark Demos 1962-1964. This is a folk track that’s all about a diesel truck that hit the guy’s friend and now is dragging him along with the train.

This happens in Utah and the guy dies, with his body then being transported so that he can be buried in his hometown. In the song, the mother and sister are both crying, and he feels horrible that his friend died this way. It’s a track about the state that’s sad and will leave you with tears in your eyes. 

16. The Beehive State – Randy Newman 

In 1970, Randy Newman released The Beehive State, which is a song that is satirizing Utah and mocking it since it’s seen as a conservative safe haven. It’s also one of the most religious states in America, so he mocks that as well, and it’s a very witty and unique track that is all about its culture and questionable practices. If you’re a fan of him and his vocal style then you’re going to love this song and enjoy his kind of mockery of the state and the religious element of it that has been fodder for decades. 

17. Utah, Gateway to Nevada – Plague of Locusts 

"Utah Gateway to Nevada!" by A Plague of Locust on Turkey Theater

Plague Of Locusts is next with the song Utah, Gateway to Nevada. This track came out in 1984, so it’s a classic punk song that features vocals that are aggressive and guitar riffs that you’ll notice are distorted and energetic. The vibe of this track is iconic 80s punk rock, and it talks about the contrast between Nevada, which is a party city, and the religious aspect of Utah. 

18. Utah – The Osmonds 

The Osmonds, which is a group that most people have heard of before, are next on the list with Utah. This famous song came out in 1972 on the album Crazy Horses. This is a pop and country track that’s all about the state, and it’s very upbeat and energetic. It’s a tribute to Utah, which is the family taking a lot of pride in where they are from and paying homage to the beauty and people of the state.

If you’ve listened to The Osmonds before, then you’ll find that this song is classic Osmonds style with Donny and Marie singing just as spectacularly together as they usually do, and it’s a very sweet track that will remind you of home. 

19. Friend of the Devil – The Grateful Dead 

Friend of the Devil (2013 Remaster)

Next on the list is The Grateful Dead with the song Friend Of The Devil, which is on the album American Beauty. This track isn’t just about Utah, but it’s about all of the states where the guy is running around while he’s trying to get away from being chased.

Utah is mentioned only for a minute, but you get the idea just from that one line. He mentions being in the Utah hills and spending a night inside a cave, and it’s just a fun song that is typical of The Grateful Dead style. If you’re a fan of crazy stories and their chill vibe then this is a track you surely need to listen to. 

20. Utah Rattlesnake Speedway Boogie – Cosmic Graffiti 

Utah Rattlesnake Speedway Boogie

Last on our list is Utah Rattlesnake Speedway Boogie by Cosmic Graffiti, which was released in 2021. The guitar riffs are distorted, and the sound is very energetic and upbeat with vocals that are raw and gritty. If you like good old rock and roll, then you’ll love this song about the state and the classic cars that inhabit the area. This is one of the best tracks to listen to during the summer when you’re having fun cruising around the town in your muscle car or classic car. 

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