35 Best Songs About Texas: The Lone Star State

Texas is one of the best states in the South, and several different tracks have been written over the years about it. Keep reading as we tell you the 35 best songs about Texas: The Lone Star State below. 

1. All My Ex’s Live In Texas – George Strait 

All My Ex's Live In Texas

First on our list is All My Ex’s Live in Texas by George Strait. This track came out in 1987 on his album Ocean Front Property. It’s all about how much he misses the state but can’t go home because all of his exes live there and don’t want to deal with them. When it came out, it went to number one on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. This is a funny track and still one of his most beloved songs today. 

2. Texas Flood – Stevie Ray Vaughan 

A blues legend and Texas icon is next, which is Stevie Ray Vaughan with Texas Flood. This album came out in 1983, and it’s all about how there has been a lot of flooding in the state, and how it’s ruined the phone lines. Instead of this being about the positives of Texas, it’s a song where the main theme is frustration because you can’t reach your loved ones in times of trouble. 

3. Texas (When I Die) – Tanya Tucker 

Texas (When I Die)

In 1978, country singer Tanya Tucker released Texas (When I Die), and it’s her tribute song to the state. She sings about how Texas is better than every other state, and she wants to spend all her time in Texas. One lyric is about how she would choose the state to stay in if she didn’t get into Heaven, showing her love for it.

4. Texas – Charlie Daniels Band 

We can’t talk about Texas songs without mentioning Charlie Daniels Band and his 1975 hit Texas from the album Nightrider. The track is about the state and how all of the people who live there don’t care what you or anyone else thinks of them. While they might seem like a harsh group, they are very friendly and are always taking care of each other. The theme of this song is about the sense of community that everyone in Texas feels with one another. 

5. Beautiful Texas – Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson is another one we have to talk about, and he released a song called Beautiful Texas. He’s from the state, and he’s one of the most well-known musicians from The Lone Star State. This track from 1968 is an ode to Texas and the people within it. He talks about the culture, landmarks, and overall beauty that exists in his home state. We love this song and think it exhibits what makes a great country track and one that shows the pride those who live in Texas feel about their home state. 

6. El Paso – Marty Robbins

Next is Marty Robbins with El Paso, which came out in 1959 and is one of those true country songs. It’s all about a cowboy who falls for a Mexican woman who works at a bar. However, when he catches her drinking shots with a guy, he shoots and kills the guy, rides away on his horse, and runs away. He comes back because he loves her but ends up dying in her arms, and it’s just a sad track where even though he knows he will die going back, he just wants to be close to her. 

7. The Bluest Eyes In Texas – Restless Heart

The Bluest Eyes In Texas

In 1988, Restless Heart released the song The Bluest Eyes In Texas, and it’s one of those classic 80s-sounding tracks, with it being a little more pop than country. In this song, a guy lost a woman he was in love with, and he’s now haunted by her ghost. She’s still alive, but because he had hurt her multiple times, she’ll never get back with him, and it’s tearing him up inside. 

8. La Grange – ZZ Top

La Grange (2005 Remaster)

Next up is the iconic group ZZ Top with La Grange, which was released in 1973. What a lot of people don’t know is that the song was inspired by a Texan brothel. This is one of their most well-known and beloved tracks and still gets radio play today. When this song was released it went to 41 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and over the years, has only become more popular with rock and country fans. 

9. Amarillo Sky – Jason Aldean

Jason Aldean - Amarillo Sky

Country star Jason Aldean makes the list with Amarillo Sky from 2015. It’s a song that is about a farmer who had this farm in his family for decades, and it talks about all of the hard times he and his family have had as farmers. If you’ve grown up with a similar family business, then you’ll understand the hardships and dedication he talks about in this tune.

10. Texas On My Mind – Pat Green 

In 2001, Pat Green had a hit with Texas On My Mind, which is all about how a guy loves the state just as much as his woman. He talks about remembering all of the fun times he and his girl had while he was away from her and can’t do anything about it. This is a romantic and sweet song about love and missing your home. 

11. If You’re Gonna Play In Texas (You Gotta Have a Fiddle in the Band) – Alabama 

If You're Gonna Play in Texas (You Gotta Have a Fiddle in the Band)

Next up is Alabama, one of the most iconic country bands of all time with their 1984 hit If You’re Gonna Play In Texas (You Gotta Have A Fiddle In The Band). This is a great song that’s catchy, upbeat, and positive. The instruments in the track, including the fiddle, will make you want to dance. If you haven’t heard this song, it’s about how a band is in the state, playing a show and the crowd wants more fiddle, so they are telling them they shouldn’t be playing there unless they have a fiddle or two. 

12. What I Like About Texas – Gary P. Nunn

What I Like About Texas

In 1984, Gary P. Nunn released a song called What I Like About Texas, which is all about what he loves about his state. He feels nostalgia as he talks about his favorite things in Texas and how there’s nothing better than your hometown and state.

13. Too Far From Texas – Stevie Nicks

Too Far from Texas

Stevie Nicks is next with Too Far From Texas, which was released in 2001. Unlike a lot of songs on our list, this one is sad and a heartbreaker. It’s all about how a woman is heartbroken because her man decided to go back home to be with his family. He tells her in letters that he will be back, but she knows he won’t.

14. Dime Store Cowgirl – Kacey Musgraves 

Dime Store Cowgirl

Kacey Musgraves, who is from Texas, is next with Dime Store Cowgirl. She sings about how going back home to the state makes her very happy and that she can appreciate home now more than ever. This song is definitely one you can relate to if you dreamed of leaving your small town, then when you get older and live in the city, realize how much you miss being home and having that small-town life. 

15. Deep In The Heart of Texas – Gene Autry

Deep In the Heart of Texas

In 1941, Gene Autry released the song Deep In The Heart Of Texas. This track is all about the state and the fun things that exist within it. It’s an anthem that you can easily sing along to while enjoying the fresh Texas air. When it comes to country, you can’t do any better than him, and this song is a perfect example of what a great country voice he had. 

16. Travis County – Gary Clark Jr. 

Gary Clark Jr - Travis County [LIVE]

In 2012, Gary Clark Jr. released Travis County, which comes from his album Blak And Blu. This song is all about a guy who was arrested in Travis County, Texas, and it was a wrongful conviction and imprisonment. The track is more rock than a lot of other songs on our list, so it’s worth checking out if you’re into that more than country. 

17. Girls From Texas – Pat Green feat. Lyle Lovett 

Pat Green - Girls From Texas (Feat. Lyle Lovett) - Official Lyric Video [HQ]

Pat Green had a hit with Girls From Texas, which features Lyle Lovett. This song came out in 2015, and it’s all about the girls in that state and how beautiful they are. He talks about how they all have something unique about them to offer, and they are simply better than the girls anywhere else. 

18. Waltz Across Texas Tonight – Emmylou Harris 

Waltz Across Texas Tonight

Country star Emmylou Harris is next with Waltz Across Texas, which was released in 1995 on her album Wrecking Ball. She sings about how the state is so pretty, and the skies are wide open with stars everywhere, which makes it seem never-ending. 

The song details how the roads also seem never-ending and the rivers flow across the state in the same manner. She is very descriptive as she talks about Texas, which she clearly loves, and it’s worth listening to since it’s a bit different from what we’re used to hearing from her. 

19. Dallas – Jimmie Dale Gilmore 

Jimmie Dale Gilmore makes the list with Dallas. The song is about the city in Texas, and it’s not a positive track about it either. In the song, Dallas is compared to a woman who does nothing but hurt you and kick you when you’re down. However, when you’re doing good, she treats you the same, just like Dallas will. 

20. Galveston – Glen Campbell

Galveston (Remastered 2001)

Next is Glen Campbell with Galveston. This song is all about how a soldier is missing his home in Texas while he’s serving in the military. He thinks he isn’t going to make it back to the city because he fears he will die. He continues to yearn for home as he fights for his country. Sadly, some think this is a track against war, but it’s more the story of what the soldiers feel as they fight for our freedom. 

21. Austin – Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton - Austin (Official Music Video)

Blake Shelton is on the list with Austin, which came out in 2001. This song was his first track to be released on his debut album. It made it to number one on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart and 18 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart

The track is all about how a woman needs space so she leaves her guy and a year goes by before she tries to contact him. She gets the answering machine, which tells her he still loves him then they end up getting back together. It’s very sweet since he never loved anyone else nor tried to and waited for her to come back to him. 

22. She’s Like Texas – Josh Abbott Band

Josh Abbott Band - She's Like Texas

In 2010, Josh Abbott Band released the song She’s Like Texas, which is obviously comparing the woman he loves to the state that he also loves. He talks about the various towns in Texas and how she is similar to them. The ending of the track is him being happy she chose him and loves him just as he loves her. 

23. Dallas – The Flatlanders 

In 1908, The Flatlanders had a hit with Dallas, which is all about explaining the city by comparing it to people. While there are dangerous parts of Dallas, it doesn’t take away from the beauty and that’s the main message of the song. If you haven’t had a chance to check out this band yet, this is the perfect track to get you into their type of country and show off their skills as musicians. 

24. Blame It On Texas – Mark Chestnut

Mark Chestnut is next with his 1990 hit Blame It On Texas. This song is all about how he blames the state for all his problems, including how he left a woman who really liked him, and he said it was the fault of Texas and not his. Definitely a unique track and something we aren’t used to hearing on our list.

25. Houston Is Hot Tonight – Iggy Pop

Houston Is Hot Tonight

Houston Is Hot Tonight by Iggy Pop is next, and this song was released on the album Party from 1981. This is a track that’s all about how hot the city is and how humid it is there. The rock song is pretty much like you’d expect from him, and since he comes from the Midwest, he’s not used to the heat that Texas has to offer.

26. My Texas – Josh Abbott Band feat. Pat Green 

My Texas (feat. Pat Green)

In 2012, Josh Abbott Band released My Texas, which features Pat Green. This is one of those songs that talk about all of the things they love about the state, such as the people and natural beauty of it. There is also another layer to this track, which is that unless you’ve seen everything in Texas, you don’t know the state as well as they do and don’t judge the state based on one or two things. 

27. Corpus Christi Bay – Robert Earl Keen 

Corpus Christi Bay

In 1993, Robert Earl Keen released Corpus Christi Bay, which is a song about a man and his brother and everything they get into as they work near The Bay. They make money but it all gets spent on alcohol, and it’s a track that is sad because it appears they both are alcoholics. If you’ve ever known someone who gets into situations because of booze then this song is going to hit home for you. Anyone struggling with an addiction will certainly relate to this track, and it’s darker than some of the other songs on our list. 

28. Texas Sun – Khruangbin and Leon Bridges 

Khruangbin & Leon Bridges - Texas Sun (Official Audio)

Khruangbin is next with Texas Sun, which features Leon Bridges. This song is all about the sunny warm days in the state and how comforting and calming the weather is in The Lone Star State. If you’ve been to the state then you’ll understand what they are talking about, and it’ll leave you yearning for that warm Texas sun. There is pride and nostalgia in this track, and it’s a very mellow song that is going to make you want to just get in the car and drive there right now. 

29. Is Anybody Goin’ To San Antone – Charley Pride

Is Anybody Goin' to San Antone

Is Anybody Goin’ To San Antone is next by Charley Pride, which is one of his most popular songs. It’s all about how a woman hurt him, and he’d rather go anywhere but where she’s at. He thinks leaving is going to help him get over her and help him not think about how alone he is. This track went to number one on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart and remains one of his iconic tracks. 

30. Miles and Miles of Texas – Asleep at the Wheel 

Miles And Miles Of Texas (Remastered)

In 1976, Asleep At The Wheel released their version of Miles And Miles Of Texas. This song is all about a guy who goes to the state from Louisiana and ends up finding a woman. He decided to stay in Texas permanently and became a cowboy at the rodeo. This track went to number 38 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart and remains one of their most popular tracks. 

31. God Blessed Texas – Little Texas

Next is Little Texas with God Blessed Texas from their 1993 album Big Time. This track peaked at number four on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. It’s thought of as their signature track and is still a beloved song today. This track is all about how God loves Texas and blessed it with all of the good that the state has, such as its natural landscape

32. Screw You, We’re From Texas – Ray Wylie Hubbard

Screw You, We're From Texas

Next is Ray Wylie Hubbard with Screw You, We’re From Texas. This song is all about feeling pride from being a citizen of the state and as clear as day, thinking Texans are better than everyone else. You can tell he’s proud to be from The Lone Star State and knows he’s full of himself but doesn’t care.

33. London Homesick Blues – Jerry Jeff Walker 

London Homesick Blues

In 1973, Jerry Jeff Walker released the song London Homesick Blues, which is about how he’s in London and feeling homesick. He wants to just go home to Texas, and he can’t wait until he gets back to America. If you have not had a chance to listen to him yet then we suggest you try out this track, and you’ll realize what a special talent he was as it’s showcased in this ode to the state. 

34. Texas Pride – Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert ~ Texas Pride

In 2001, Miranda Lambert released Texas Pride on her debut self-titled album. This was one of 10 songs on the album, and it’s what made her a breakthrough country star. Everyone in the state loved this track as she sang about loving her home state, hometown, and all of the people there. 

35. Texas Time – Keith Urban 

Keith Urban - Texas Time (Official Audio)

Last on our list is Keith Urban with Texas Time, which came out in 2018 on his album Graffiti U. This song is all about paying tribute to country music, especially the Texas sound. He admired the state, the people, and the landscape growing up in Australia and wanted to write a song honoring The Lone Star State.

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