51 Best Musical Theatre Audition Songs For Kids

When trying to choose an audition song, particularly for a child, the most important thing to consider is the role they’re going for. They shouldn’t walk in and sing something completely different than what they’re being asked to, like showing their outgoing nature while auditioning for a reserved role. But it should also be something your child is already familiar with.

The track can make or break the audition as well, so picking one that shows their range and fits into the role is the best option. In this article, we’ll go over the 51 best musical theatre audition songs for kids, however, keep in mind that the top-ranked ones may not fit in specific situations. 

1. I Just Can’t Wait To Be King – The Lion King

The Lion King | I Just Can't Wait to Be King | Disney Sing-Along

Any child who’s seen The Lion King is going to be familiar with Simba’s big number. But it’s the sheer vocal range and expression in the song that gives it so much life. There’s a ton of room for a child to throw in a few dance steps, and the high energy required for a good rendition of the track will prove their ability to take on those energetic numbers.

2. Castle On A Cloud – Les Misérables

Les Miserables Live - Castle on a Cloud

When you want to come up with an audition song for a kid, you want to make sure to pick something relatively short. Castle On A Cloud from Les Misérables is the perfect choice if you happen to be trying to memorize one on short notice or just have a kid who needs something on the shorter side. It comes off almost like a lullaby and has a very catchy melody, but the lack of verses to memorize makes it an easy one for younger kids to take on.

3. I Know It’s Today – Shrek The Musical

Just about any child is going to be at least somewhat familiar with Shrek, and since it has music numbers, why not pull one of those songs? I Know It’s Today is sung by Princess Fiona during three different points of her life, leaving plenty of room for character changes in the auditioning child throughout the track. It’s also a very hopeful song that’s easy to learn and it doesn’t have a difficult delivery style either. 

4. In My Own Little Corner – Cinderella

"In My Own Little Corner"

Cinderella had a harsh life but found solace in the tiny space that was hers and hers alone. In In My Own Little Corner, she sings about letting her imagination run free and being able to escape the bad situation she’s stuck in. There’s a ton of room in this one for some animated acting, and it can allow a child to be incredibly expressive with their emotions, helping them showcase exactly how great they would be in any given role. 

5. If Only You Would Listen – School of Rock The Musical

If Only You Would Listen

School Of Rock The Musical was an incredible production as a whole and many kids are familiar with the songs and messages conveyed through them. If Only You Would Listen is a track that many kids can probably relate to in some ways, as it talks about the disconnect between parents and children. But the best part of the song is just how expressive it can be performed, showcasing the talent of the child auditioning. 

6. Quiet – Matilda The Musical

Quiet (Full Song) | Roald Dahl's Matilda the Musical | Netflix

Quiet is another song most kids will memorize thanks to its inclusion in the Netflix version of Matilda. It’s also one of the most expressive tracks from the production and uses quite a solid vocabulary that could be impressive with younger kids. The quick pace makes it fun for children, but it also makes it a bit shorter and easier to remember as well. 

7. The Bare Necessities – The Jungle Book

Phil Harris, Bruce Reitherman - The Bare Necessities (From "The Jungle Book"/Sing-Along)

The Bare Necessities comes with a great message about having faith that things will work out for the best, even in times that seem tough. This alone can help calm a child’s nerves during an audition, making it an excellent choice that has just as much range as any other song on the list. Plus as a Disney track, it’s something your child probably has at least half of memorized already.

8. Impossible – Cinderella

"Impossible" Clip | Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella | Disney+

Impossible is a bouncing, fun song from the Cinderella musical that was first performed in 1957. It’s a good one for kids, as it helps them in their grapple with whether or not their dreams are realistic or not. But the signature track from it is also a very simple one that can open a lot of possibilities for your young one. 

9. Tomorrow – Annie

ANNIE (1982): “Tomorrow” Full Clip | Sony Pictures Kids Zone #WithMe

When it comes to classics of the theater, it’s hard to beat any of the songs from Annie. A child-led production originally, it has several tracks that can allow your child to showcase their vocal range and understanding of the art. Tomorrow is one of the best choices for the musical. It’s relatively short and easy to memorize, allowing you to focus all your energy on how it’s delivered during the audition. 

10. Everlasting – Tuck Everlasting

Everlasting was perhaps the best song to come from Tuck Everlasting. It’s sung by Winnie Foster as she holds a vial of water that would make her immortal. The track tackles big questions, like whether or not living forever is worth it or not. But it’s fairly simple from a lyrical perspective and perfect for children to perform. 

11. Part of Your World – The Little Mermaid

Jodi Benson - Part of Your World (Official Video From "The Little Mermaid")

The Little Mermaid remains one of Disney’s most popular films of all time and with a modern remake featuring the same songs as the original, another generation of children is familiar with Ariel and her musical numbers. Part Of Your World is a great option for auditions because any child who’s seen the movie likely has it memorized, and it also requires a range of vocal prowess that just might land the child a role.

12. Somewhere Out There – An American Tail

An American Tail (1986) - Somewhere Out There Scene (5/10) | Movieclips

Somewhere Out There is an awesome choice for very young children auditioning for the theater, as it doesn’t require a developed high vocal range to pull off well. The delivery necessary for the song can make those shaky vocal parts a highlight rather than a mark against them as well, helping children thrive during their auditions and removing a potential weakness in the process.

13. My Favorite Things – The Sound of Music

The Sound of Music | "My Favorite Things" Lyric Video | Fox Family Entertainment

My Favorite Things is a major favorite from The Sound Of Music, and it’s the perfect option for many kids during a theater audition. It ranges up and down the vocal spectrum. The peaks and valleys of the song make for an engaging audition and the subject matter is typically fun for kids. The catchiness makes it easy to memorize as well, which works great for younger kids trying to learn a track for an audition. 

14. Little People – Les Misérables

The original 1958 production of Les Misérables featured a full-length song from the child character Gavroche. Little People mostly focuses on the fact that children aren’t incapable just because they’re children, allowing any kid auditioning to put on their grownup pants and showcase their vocal talents during an audition. Modern versions have been heavily edited since the original, but any version will do as long as your child can memorize it.

15. Almost There – The Princess and the Frog

Anika Noni Rose - Almost There (From "The Princess and the Frog")

You don’t have to look to the classic animated Disney films for a great audition song. Almost There from The Princess And The Frog is the perfect choice for kids who are more familiar with newer Disney movies. On top of the great messaging about the effort required to achieve your dreams, it’s a catchy and simple track with a few ad-libs that allow the child to show their personality during an audition.

16. You’re Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile – Annie

Annie (1982) - You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile Scene (6/10) | Movieclips

If your child is doing a theater audition, you’re likely going to want to work some choreography into their song. This is especially true for older kids who also need to show off their acting abilities during an audition. You’re Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile from Annie is the ideal track for this, as it has a few dramatic pauses during the song that the child can fill with animated acting. 

17. If Only I Had A Brain – The Wizard of Oz

If I Only Had a Brain - The Wizard of Oz (4/8) Movie CLIP (1939) HD

If Only I Had A Brain is another great song that leaves plenty of room for animated choreography. From The Wizard Of Oz, this classic number has a unique rolling melody that sucks in listeners and is easy to keep going for the singer. Plus, its simple lyrics and almost dopey style come off well when done by children. 

18. Truly Scrumptious – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968) - Truly Scrumptious Scene (6/12) | Movieclips

Truly Scrumptious refers to the character Truly in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. It’s a very fun song from the beach scene where the kids are telling her that they love spending time with her. The connection to sweet treats and candy makes it a dead ringer for something kids will be able to memorize too, and since it’s delivered by children in the origins version, it makes it easy for a child to match up with what it’s supposed to sound like. 

19. What If – The Addams Family

What If is a song meant for slightly older kids, as it discusses Pugsley’s thoughts about his sister’s frequent torture and how much he enjoys it. But this The Addams Family track is actually a pretty great one for kids auditioning for a theater role. And with the resurgence of The Addams Family thanks to Netflix’s series Wednesday, it’s probably something your kid will be familiar with.

20. I Have A Dream – Mamma Mia!

I Have A Dream (From 'Mamma Mia!' Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

I Have A Dream is an awesome song for kids to perform at an audition. It spends much of its time talking about the power of music and the way it helps you get through life, something that can instill a bit of confidence in a youngster and help them get through a nervous audition. Any simple track that reaffirms that everything will be okay can be a good audition song for a kid and this one fits the bill nicely. 

21. I Know Things Now – Into the Woods

Red Riding Hood barely escapes the clutches of the Big Bad Wolf, but in the musical Into The Woods, we get to see that her experiences have made her wiser. While singing about the loss of innocence and how experiences change children’s worldviews might not be something you’ll love, I Know Things Now is still a great example for children to show maturity during their theater audition. 

22. Bye Room – John & Jen

Bye Room comes from a play about a brother and sister and their relationship. It’s a song that a lot of kids will be able to grab onto and take something from, making it much easier for them to memorize. It also can be performed as a duet, allowing kids to look for more intricate roles and have even better auditions alongside someone they’re familiar with. 

23. Edelweiss – The Sound of Music

Edelweiß (From "The Sound Of Music")

Edelweiss is another great song from The Sound Of Music that can work well for kids. While it’s generally sung by the adult Captain von Trapp, it can show an older side to a child that might land them a role in an all-child production. Interestingly, it has been confused for being Austria’s national anthem at some points in history as well. 

24. Red Ryder Carbine Action BB Gun – A Christmas Story The Musical

Red Ryder Carbine Action BB Gun

A Christmas Story The Musical is another great one that’s full of great song options for kids. Red Ryder Carbine Action BB Gun is one of the most fun if a kid can memorize it. It follows a boy named Ralphie as he explains what he wants for Christmas and has plenty of spots where you can throw in some choreographed gunplay acting if you choose. 

25. The Place Where Lost Things Go – Mary Poppins Returns

Emily Blunt - The Place Where Lost Things Go (From "Mary Poppins Returns")

The Place Where Lost Things Go sees Mary Poppins return to save the day for the now-adult Michael Banks. She sings as she whisks the—adult—children away to a magical land on a fun adventure. And that’s exactly the way the song is intended to come off. Fun, light, and adventurous, it’ll leave plenty of room for some animated acting as well. 

26. Any Dream Will Do – Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat

'Any Dream Will Do' Donny Osmond | Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Any Dream Will Do is a song that requires a bit of practiced delivery to pull off well, but it just might earn your child a role during an audition. It has a dreamy quality to it but still comes off as light and fun. Since it’s mostly just telling a story, you can pull the most interesting or easiest part to memorize for the audition. Just make sure you have at least a full minute of the track ready to go. 

27. Good Girl Winnie Foster – Tuck Everlasting

Good Girl Winnie Foster

Good Girl Winnie Foster is another excellent option from Tuck Everlasting. Sung by the main character Winnie, this one works best for younger girls trying out for parts. There isn’t too much vocal range required for it, and the song doesn’t need any animated delivery to come off well during an audition. It’s a great option for more reserved kids trying to find their way in the theater, just make sure they can open up when the lights actually come on.

28. Electricity – Billy Elliot The Musical

Electricity is an awesome choice if you want to throw in a little classical dancing with your audition. While it’s sung by a boy character, it can work for girls as well. It follows a section of Billy Elliot The Musical where the main character is getting into ballet for the first time, so choreograph a few pirouettes into the audition if your kid is also interested in dance and it fits the role you’re going for. 

29. Ring of Keys – Fun Home

Ring Of Keys might not be for every parent, as it comes from a play where a young teen discovers their own sexuality and grapples with the mysteries of life and societal expectations. If those topics don’t pose any problems though, it can be a great song for an older child or teen to sing during an audition for a more mature part. 

30. My New Philosophy – You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown

My New Philosophy picks fun at the way Sally picks mottos out of phrases and turns them into life lessons. It’s a charming song with some witty wordplay that might impress at an audition, but it’s also fun and simple enough for a child to memorize fairly easily. It came from You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown

31. I Won’t Grow Up – Peter Pan Live!

'I Won't Grow Up' Allison Williams | Peter Pan Live

In true childish fashion, I Won’t Grow Up denounces everything about adulthood. The delivery in this one requires a bit of cheek and some expressive facial expressions, letting your child add another wrinkle to their audition that other songs might cause them to miss out on. But overall, it’s a fun track that kids will memorize easily because it’s something they’ll be able to relate to. 

32. Consider Yourself – Oliver!

Oliver! (1968) - Consider Yourself Scene (4/10) | Movieclips

Consider Yourself is a great song that talks about how hard it is to make friends and how you support the people you love no matter what befalls them. It’s sung by Dodger to Oliver Twist during Oliver!, making it a great track for any duet parts that require a bit of uplifting acting to be shown by the auditioning child.

33. I Need To Know – Tarzan The Broadway Musical

I Need to Know (Broadway Cast Recording)

I Need To Know was one of the best songs in the Tarzan animated film as well as the musical. There’s so much creative room in the track for acting opportunities as well, and the lyrics mostly come in short bursts of energy rather than a non-stop assault. Kids are familiar with the song, and it lets them show off their emotive abilities incredibly well. 

34. Picture Show – Bonnie & Clyde

There isn’t really a better option for a duet audition than Picture Show from Bonnie & Clyde. It puts the child’s acting abilities on display, allows them to showcase their chemistry with another potential actor, and goes through several musical styles during its runtime. Bonnie in the song wants to be an actress, giving the little girl in the role something incredibly relatable to draw on while memorizing her lines. 

35. Dead Mom – Beetlejuice

This one is definitely for older girls, but it can be the perfect option for preteens and teens. Dead Mom is one of the best songs from Beetlejuice for auditions. It doesn’t appear in the original versions of the play, but it comes from Lydia who’s talking to her dead mom and thinks she’s probably just talking to herself as she doesn’t expect any answers. 

36. Middle of a Moment – James and the Giant Peach

Luca Padovan I "Middle of a Moment" I Roald Dahl's James and the Giant Peach

If your child happens to have a huge vocal range on the higher end, there’s likely not a better song for them to audition with than Middle Of A Moment from James And The Giant Peach. The transitional phases of the track allow the child to showcase exactly how well they can shift pitches, and the bravado of the song will instill plenty of confidence in the child auditioning. 

37. Be Kind to Your Parents – Fanny

Be Kind to Your Parents

Be Kind To Your Parents is a song that flips the child-adult dynamic on its head. Rather than paint children as the ones being cared for, it puts the child in the responsible role of the relationship. It’s a fun track for kids with just enough comedic relief that it’ll wash away any of the stress they’re feeling leading up to the audition as soon as they begin singing it. 

38. How Far I’ll Go – Moana

Auli'i Cravalho - How Far I'll Go (Reprise/From "Moana"/Sing-Along)

How Far I’ll Go is another amazing example of a song built for children who are more interested in modern Disney animated films. Moana’s massive popularity makes this track the perfect choice for any little girl to showcase their singing abilities during an audition, and it’s likely something many have already memorized word for word. 

39. You’re Welcome – Moana

Dwayne Johnson - You're Welcome (from Moana/Official Video)

Piggy-backing off of our last entry, a young boy can also make great use of a song from Moana. You’re Welcome is sung by Dwayne Johnson as Maui the demigod. It’s full of confidence and can showcase multiple tempos and vocal pitches throughout the track. Plus, there are plenty of acting opportunities to throw down some dance moves or get very animated during the audition, hopefully helping your little one land the role they’re after.

40. Round-Shouldered Man – The Secret Garden

Round-Shouldered Man

If you have a young boy with a very high vocal range, picking Round-Shouldered Man for their theater audition can showcase the high range of their voice perfectly. It’s actually a requirement for this song to be delivered properly, so it isn’t for children without the right range. However, in the right hands, the track can work wonders during a theater audition. 

41. The Perfect Nanny – Mary Poppins

The Perfect Nanny is a great song choice for any child, as it features lines for both Michael and Jane. Pulling the lines that fit your kid’s vocal range makes for an excellent audition piece, and it’s a very familiar work of music in the theater business. 

42. A Letter From Charlie Bucket – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory The New Musical

A Letter From Charlie Bucket

A Letter From Charlie Bucket is perfect for a children’s audition because it doesn’t require any large jumps in range or style. The expressive value of the song is also completely up to the performer, allowing it to have a wide range of acting portions and facial expressions to help during an audition. The melody is also a simple one, so memorizing that and a verse or two should be enough material for a child to pull off well. 

43. Animal Crackers in My Soup – Curly Top

Shirley Temple Performs Animal Crackers In My Soup

Animal Crackers In My Soup is an incredible classic song for kids originally performed by Curly Top. The simple and looping verses of the track are easy for kids to memorize, and they can pull off some tap-dance steps during it that fit in just fine. It may be a bit cliche as a modern audition choice, but it still does the trick. 

44. What it Means To Be A Friend – 13

What It Means to Be a Friend

What It Means To Be A Friend is the perfect choice for any preteen who’s about to turn into a teenager. The song comes from 13, a show that largely follows the story of Evan Goldman as he begins his journey through puberty and young adulthood. It’s likely best sung by a younger male who hasn’t had their voice deepened by puberty but is beginning to have some cracks appear when they sing. 

45. Apology – Anne of Green Gables The Musical

Apology from Anne Of Green Gables The Musical is a song that is going to be challenging for most young kids. It requires a very high vocal range and some very intense voice control to pull off well, but if your kid can do it, they’ll likely impress whoever is listening at the audition. 

46. When Will My Life Begin? – Tangled

Mandy Moore - When Will My Life Begin? (From "Tangled"/Sing-Along)

When Will My Life Begin is an uptempo and upbeat song from Tangled. The thing that makes it great for kids is the shifts in pitch between verses aren’t too extreme, and there are plenty of pauses between lines that give them an opportunity to show off their acting skills. 

47. Be Our Guest – Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast - Be Our Guest (HD) Music Video

Be Our Guest is an amazing choice for a kid’s theater audition, as it’s something every child who’s seen the film or musical will be familiar with and the chorus is one big catchy bunch of lines. It works best for younger boys filling the main roles, but you could plug in the other characters to make it work for any vocal range. 

48. Where Are You Christmas? – How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Where Are You Christmas? (Taylor Momsen) | How the Grinch Stole Christmas | TUNE

Where Are You Christmas? falls right into the sweet spot of simple songs for children to use for auditions. It doesn’t have any super complicated lyrics, there aren’t many tempo shifts, and it requires a limited vocal range. The delivery is almost choir-like as well, so any child with experience in a choir will be able to latch onto it and perform it incredibly well. 

49. Alone in the Universe – Seussical The Musical

Alone In The Universe (Original Broadway Cast Recording)

Everybody with a bookshelf has at least one or two books by Dr. Seuss lying around, especially if you have children. The poetic lines of the books are fun and catchy, easily memorized and grabbed onto by children. So, what better way to showcase their vocabulary and musical range than a song from Seussical The Musical? Alone In The Universe is one of the best options here. 

50. Maybe – Annie

ANNIE (1982): Maybe” Full Clip | Sony Pictures Kids Zone #WithMe

Maybe from Annie is the perfect song to showcase a lot of emotion in an audition. It features the titular character longing for a better life while looking out of an orphanage window. But the best part of the track is the reflective pauses that intermittently pop up throughout it. It gives a lot of opportunities for acting or expressive demonstrations as long as you can hit the emotional depth that the song requires. 

51. I’ve Got No Strings – Pinocchio

I've Got No Strings

I’ve Got No Strings is a classic song from Pinocchio that leaves a lot of room for dancing and acting during the track. It’s a fun little tune from the musical that encapsulates the happiness of the titular character after finally not being a marionette anymore.

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