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This is a review of Guitareo, an online lesson platform for learning guitar that shows you the ins and outs of playing the guitar like a professional. 

We found Guitareo to be an excellent start for beginners, and those who know how to play can enhance their experience and knowledge with this platform. This platform is the best place to learn how to play the guitar quickly and easily. The Guitareo platform is easy to navigate and makes learning as simple as possible. You can try out the features before buying it, which we would definitely suggest because some of them may not be what you’re looking for. Guitareo is affordable with a reasonable price, and you will find that this is one of those purchases where you get more than what you pay for in the long run.

What This Review of Guitareo Offers 

We’re reviewing Guitareo because it’s one of the best websites for beginner guitarists to learn to play. Guitareo has its roots in online music education, which is already awesome in itself. Let’s simply list what you can expect out of this review:

  • Information on Guitareo that may benefit you for a lifetime;
  • The primary features of Guitareo that make it user-friendly;
  • Our personal evaluation of each of the primary elements.

Guitareo is an online educational platform for guitarists. It was founded by experienced musicians who understand what it takes to become the best guitarist you can be. It offers lessons, chords, scales, and a forum for education and community. Guitareo’s community is hosted in their forums section, where users can discuss music, ask questions from pros/experts, and help each other. The platform also has a blog to share tips, tricks, news, and updates related to Guitareo’s community. 

Throughout the Guitareo review, you will find all the information needed to see why we chose this to be one of our favorite products to learn all about the guitar and how to play. 

Guitareo Overview

Guitareo is a website that offers guitar lessons from the comforts of your own home. It provides its users with access to professional instructors who can help them learn their favorite songs and techniques in an easy, affordable way. The platform makes playing and learning guitar easy and accessible for students of all levels and abilities. It has lessons with hundreds of songs and techniques ranging from beginner to advanced. 

Guitareo’s team works hard to make learning guitar fun and straightforward by providing videos, explanations, and sheet music for each song. The best part is you can learn to play the songs you love and not some off-the-wall music sheet you have never heard of in the music industry. It makes a world of difference when you learn what you want to play versus boring tunes you will never play again. 

Is Guitareo Any Good?

Guitareo is the best by far when it comes to being a platform created for beginners and advanced guitar players alike. It is the only software that makes learning guitar easy for everyone. Guitareo provides 24/7 customer support to answer any questions, big or small. I guarantee this software is highly user-friendly, even for those who have never played the guitar before and has gained the trust of hundreds of beginner guitar players worldwide.

The software constantly adds new features and content with their ever-growing library of 500+ songs. With the plan, you can continue to check out the library to learn all the songs you need to play in your room or even if you wish to start up a band of your own. Guitareo offers unlimited access to all of these unique features for an affordable price if you choose to become a member.

Features Worth Mentioning

Below are the features that make Guitareo unique and worth the time to cover and look into. You will also find our opinion or evaluation to better help you decide if Guitareo is right for you.   

The Method of Teaching Guitar at Ten Levels

One way of teaching guitar is to start out slowly and build up the player’s knowledge. This method has ten levels that go in order, each slowly building on the previous lessons learned.

  • The first level is to know your instrument; this means to use what you’ve got. Learn all the parts of the guitar and how they work. Also, learn how to tune the guitar to get the correct sound.
  • Level two helps understand rhythm; it teaches how musicians must keep time and keep consistent beats.
  • Level three brings about learning nine chords that can teach you how to play thousands of songs. Chords are essential for any musician because they allow us to harmonize with other instruments, giving off a richer sound than just one note would produce.
  • The fourth level gives instructions on using chords and tabs when playing music or lead sheets. Tablature, also called the “six-line staff” or “tab,” is a special notation representing six horizontal lines and the position of the notes on those lines. Learning how to read the tablature will help you learn songs faster because you won’t have to look up chords in chord charts.
  • The fifth level brings about shifting chords; it teaches smoothly moving from one chord to another. This may seem like it should be the first thing learned, but the rhythm has priority over everything else.
  • Level six gives information on three easy scales that all guitarists should know (the pentatonic major scale, along with the natural minor and harmonic minor scales). Scales are great for soloing and improvisation.
  • The seventh level is all about learning all the chords. Finding chords, you need to know, will be more accessible than ever before with many different shapes. This brings more knowledge towards being able to express yourself through your instrument.
  • Level eight will give instruction on techniques that are commonly used but sometimes can be forgotten about. Fingerpicking is crucial because it saves time on picking individual strings with a pick. The more you play, the faster your fingers become at this technique (learn how to fingerpick here). Using slides instead of shifting chords or using barres can also speed up playing time. Learning new techniques allows guitarists to expand their horizons by using these different skills in songs they’ve already learned.
  • The ninth level ties everything together by combining all the techniques you’ve learned up to this point in your guitar studies. Using these skills at the same time will keep the rhythm steady while making music sound rich with all of them used in conjunction.
  • The tenth and final level is when players are ready to start performing or playing in front of their friends. All lessons learned should be combined into one performance that sounds amazing, showing off what you’ve learned over time (however long that may have taken to master).

Evaluation of the Ten Levels

The levels take you through every guitar player’s process when learning how to play. Everything is pretty self-explanatory in the method of teaching. What we like best is you can learn the levels at your own pace, and there is always the replay button for things you may have missed or may not understand. Perhaps you may wish to redo the level or a category. With these features, it is possible to do that too. 

Featuring the Songs

Guitareo has a section of high-quality songs with audio, TAB notation, and backing tracks for beginner guitarists.

The songs in the music library are easily accessible by clicking one song or artist at a time, or you can click on an entire album’s worth of music if you wish.

Since there are over 100 different artists with their own albums to choose from, there really is something for everyone; metalheads, country fans, classical lovers, and classic rockers. Furthermore, there are also multiple versions (arrangements) of each song within each album, allowing you to explore each version’s unique structure while learning new techniques. Not only does this make it easy for anyone to find their preferred version, it also provides endless practice opportunities.

Over 150 guitar TABs are included with every song with standard notation, tablature, and chord diagrams to further aid the learning process, making learning the chords easier than ever before. There is also an adjustable speed digital metronome to keep you on track.

The following list of ten songs is just a small example of the genres available in the music library:

1. War Pigs – Black Sabbath

Heavy metal, power ballad, fast rocker, acoustic ballad. The variations between these four versions alone give you plenty of options to choose from while encouraging you to learn new techniques along the way.

2. La Grange by ZZ Top

Classic rock, Blues, Blues-Rock. This song features a groovy feel and catchy riffs, making it the perfect introduction to the world of blues music.

3. Big Me by Foo Fighters

Rock ballad, acoustic folk/pop, and hard rock. The variety in these three versions makes this song easy to learn while showcasing Dave Grohl’s incredible songwriting ability.

4. Ocean by John Butler Trio

Relaxing beach music, 12 bar blues shuffle, and experimental jazz. A great song for anyone who wants something simple but fun with lots of chords.

5. Freak on a Leash by Korn:38

Nu metal, rap metal, hard rock. A popular song that combines riffs from each genre into one song.

6. Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple:41

Hard rock, blues, progressive rock. The perfect introductory song to Deep Purple’s discography with a straightforward structure and many guitar techniques.

7. I Love Rock N Roll -Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

Classic rock, punk rock, pop-punk. This fun, energetic cover of a famous 70’s hit has everything you could wish for in a simple pop song.

8. Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns N’ Roses

Hard Rock, Heavy metal ballad, Blues-rock. What this legendary hard rock anthem lacks in guitar techniques it makes up for with the classic slow acoustic intro and famous riffs.

9. Down With The Sickness by Disturbed

Nu metal, hard rock, heavy metal. Aggressive guitar riffs, fast rhythms, and brutal vocals make this song everything you could want in a hard-hitting headbanger.

10. Your Betrayal by Jane’s Addiction

Rock ballad, blues-rock, experimental. An impressive combination of several music genres showcases Perry Farrell’s unique vocal stylings & Dave Navarro’s compositional brilliance.

Evaluation of Songs in the Music Library

It is excellent that these and hundreds to thousands of songs are featured within the library for the listener to learn how to play the guitar, whether the lead or rhythm. The guitar player will learn songs they know and appreciate, which will help them develop quickly. The more you know and love a song, the more drive it will give you to learn it. We rate it a win-win situation because the songs will always be there for you as long as you are a member.

Having Coaches Available is the Best Feature

Guitars are commonly known as being a musical instrument that’s easy to learn. However, not many people have the capability of entirely learning how to play. This is why guitar enthusiasts need to have a supportive staff who can help teach them how to play.

One of the features that separate Guitareo from other similar websites dedicated to teaching people how to play the guitar is their availability of live coaches. Allowing customers instant contact with professional music teachers ensures that they will be able to receive feedback on their progress and become fully versed in playing different songs through step-by-step instruction. With this type of feature available, beginners are likely going to stick with practicing more often, which ultimately results in them becoming more capable guitarists.

Evaluation of Having Coaches Available

Having coaches is an excellent asset to achieving your learning the guitar. These professional coaches and guitar players know the ins and outs of playing, and they can show you techniques and offer constructive criticism that will build your confidence and help you work on your weaknesses. There is nothing better than having a live person there to show you the way and explain things in terms you can understand to become successful when learning how to play the guitar. A live person will inspire a guitar student more in the long run in many ways. A robot or voice machine just won’t cut it. 

Featuring More Options In Lessons 

Now Guitareo has over 85 different courses and more than 1,000 lessons to keep you working on your skills whenever it is convenient for you, the guitar player. You will find options from Guitar Quest, Acoustic Guitar Made Easy, Guitar Technique, The Ultimate Guide to Recording Guitar, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Guitar Chords, Strumming Patterns, Timing and Feel, Fingerstyle, Guitar Scales, Improvisation, Songwriting, Ear Training, Picking, and Pentatonic Scales.

Evaluation of The Multiple Options

What more can we say? Everything you need is all in this software. It is convenient and easy to follow. You learn from all the best teachers and those who know the guitar from front to back. Our thoughts are, why go for others that you have to thumb through different sites when you have it all right here in the Guitareo platform? You will find it takes less time, and you can play how and when you want with the ability to reach out to the coaches. 

Alternatives to Guitareo

There are many alternatives to Guitareo, an online guitar learning platform. These alternatives include traditional private in-person lessons at music stores, in-person meetings in local music groups, and other websites offering free or paid tutoring for learning guitar.

1. Traditional Private In-Person Lessons at Music Stores:

Traditional private in-person lessons with a personal trainer at a local music store can be expensive, especially if you get charged per hour of instruction time. In addition to the instructor’s hourly costs, students have been known to leave their sessions hungry for more knowledge because they have not been advised on what exactly will help them learn better. Some students may also dislike being told by a stranger what parts of a song they need to work on, since this can lead to embarrassment when practicing in front of friends.

2. In-Person Meetings in Local Music Groups:

Every student has the freedom to work on whatever music they want. In-person meetings in local music groups are vastly different from private lessons because they are free, and students choose what songs they will play at group meetings. However, the downside of learning guitar with a group is that some people may have trouble deciding who gets to go next after 20 minutes have passed.

3. Other Websites Offering Free or Paid Tutoring for Learning Guitar:

Many other websites offer free or paid tutoring for learning guitar, which requires little commitment from users. For example, Youtube has thousands of video tutorials created by many guitar players. In addition to this, websites such as JustinGuitar have been known to provide very detailed information on learning scales and songs from artists.

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Guitareo is a guitar learning platform which focuses on theory and chords. Guitareo enables you to play many songs and learn how to automatically play accompaniment chords for any song with just your voice. Guitareo has excellent features, such as tabs, scales, chords that teach you how to play guitar.

With all of these different alternatives to learning guitar, there is bound to be something that works for you. It just depends on your taste, whether you would rather have a human or machine teach you how to play. No matter what type of learning platform it is, just having the ability to learn is half the battle in achieving success with playing guitar.

We hope that you have found the Guitareo review helpful in deciding if this software is meant for you or not. It brought great joy to offer the advice and recommendation of Guitareo. There are still new things to learn, and there are always new songs to compose and learn from the current and upcoming artists. Trust us, you will stay busy by keeping this platform handy for many years to come. 

With all the options that are out there in the world, we definitely would choose the membership of Guitareo and take advantage of the special deals they have year-round. The best way to check out the specials and sign up for membership in their virtual training courses is by going to their website, reviewing the available information, and clicking on Join Guitareo. All the information is found on the Guitareo website to answer any questions or concerns. We wish you the best of luck on your journey to becoming a professional guitar player!