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This Skoove review will take an in-depth look into how the app teaches the piano and if it actually works. 

We have done in-depth research into the best piano learning programs out there. In that lengthy process, we’ve noticed what each one does best and what features fall short. With this knowledge, we want to show you how Skoove stands up to the competition and how it can make you a better piano player. 

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Skoove is an incredible app to help new players learn. It can also give a refresher course to people who have played the piano in the past. Using a combination of videos, AI teaching, and one-on-one support, you can learn how to play specific songs quickly. 

This Skoove review will show you what features this app offers that can help you learn the piano. As we go over the various classes, pros and cons of the system, and alternatives, you’ll develop a better idea of whether or not this program will be a good fit for you.

If you’re excited about learning more about Skoove and how it can help you master the piano, read on!

Skoove Overview 

Are you trying to figure out what Skoove is? Can it actually help you use the piano? It’s always a good idea to thoroughly review a product or application before buying to make sure it is worth the investment. So, let us help you with your questions and doubts! 

What Is the Skoove App? 

Skoove is a music app that helps you learn the piano by using videos that show you people playing the song (with corresponding sheet music). You can also contact Skoove teachers to help you ensure that you are learning correctly. 

This program can help completely new students learn how to play. Not only that, but it can also remind more advanced players of skills they may have forgotten from older lessons. You can learn how to play specific songs, the necessary skills to help you make your own music, or a bit of both!

How Does Skoove Teach the Piano? 

Skoove has programs and instruction that can help you learn all facets of the piano. It teaches you a mix of useful skills that you can apply to play. It can also help you learn how to play specific songs to show off your piano skills without a lot of lessons.

The courses are self-paced and let you learn as fast or as slow as you feel comfortable. If you get really stuck, you can ask a teacher for help, and they can show you tips and tricks to master any skill. This combo of video and personal support is very beneficial, we feel. 

Features of Skoove 

So, how exactly does Skoove teach you to play the piano? Let’s take a look at some of the top features that Skoove offers and how they guide you in your piano-learning journey. 

Skoove Can Hear You Play

When you set up your program, Skoove can hear you play your songs. This feature will work with both acoustic pianos and digital keyboards. You can use either the mic on your device or connect your keyboard with a USB or MIDI cord.

The microphone method will work with any piano or keyboard, but it can sometimes miss notes. You have to make sure you press each key firmly. The cord works much better but is only available on some digital keyboards. 

Adding an external USB microphone to your device can make it easier to hear the notes when you play them. It could help make the feature work a little smoother if your keyboard doesn’t support a corded option. 

Once you have this system working, Skoove will listen to you play, and then it can offer advice on anything you are having trouble playing. This information can include critiques of your posture, positioning, and methods to move your fingers on the keyboard to achieve the right notes. 

You can use your computer keyboard as an input, but experts don’t recommend this because you won’t learn how it feels to play the notes on a piano that way. It is just an additional feature that can be fun to play with if you’re bored.  

This feature helps give you individualized feedback based on how you are playing the piece. It helps you know that you are playing any work correctly and at the right tempo. By learning how to play the music properly, you will be able to learn more advanced concepts easier.

Practice Reading Music 

The ability to read music is fundamental for learning anything more than just the basics of any instrument. However, the process can be time-consuming and tedious. With Skoove, you can take courses in reading music while learning to play other songs at the same time. 

Reading music is like reading any other language. The more you practice it, the easier it will become. If you take the lessons for reading music and then apply it to every song you learn with the split-screen mode, you will quickly understand the skill. 

Learning how to read music can make you a much more versatile piano player. You can use it to help you learn other instruments. 

When you learn how to read music, you can then take any composition and play it on your piano. It opens up a whole new world of music playing opportunities. It is a useful skill you can learn with Skoove. 

Access to a Large Library 

With Skoove, you get a large selection of music to choose from to learn how to play. These selections include both modern hits and classics. The range allows you to learn a wide variety of songs.  

The list of music is updated monthly, so new favorites are being added all the time. The updates can help you stay current with music taste. You also have older choices that are fun to learn.  

You can choose from over 200 songs in three different difficulty levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Beginners have the most options, so you will have a lot of music to choose from right from the start.

Breaking the music down by difficulty level helps you select songs that you can play. Not picking a too advanced piece for you can make it easier to learn, and it stops you from getting discouraged if you choose a far too difficult song.  

The sheet music for these songs is composed by the Skoove team and designed to be easy to play at the level they give you. These arrangements can make it easier for you to learn how to read music so that you can then take these skills to any song you want. 

Sheet music alone can be difficult to track down for all songs, especially in a form that new and intermediate players can use. This feature alone can make the program useful.

Play by Ear 

Sometimes you won’t have access to sheet music, but you still want to play your favorite song. That is where the play by ear skill comes in handy. Skoove has lesson plans that focus on the methods that players use to play a song by ear. 

Unlike reading music, play by ear isn’t just about learning a specific skill. It is about putting together many skills that you know and using them to play a song. 

You will learn how to listen to a song and then figure out what chords and notes you hear so that you can work with those to play the music. At first, this won’t be perfect, but you can dial it in and eventually figure out the whole song. 

Learning to play by ear can also help you learn how to sing better. With both skills together, you will be able to have a lot of fun anywhere you find a piano. 

If you can combine play by ear with reading music, there won’t be many songs out there that you can’t play. Alone these skills are handy, but when you use them in combination, you can play anything.

Play by ear is a great tool that you can use. It is awe-inspiring to see someone sit down and start playing a song without needing anything. When you get good at this skill, you will be able to play songs after hearing them just a few times. 

Learn with Two Styles Simultaneously 

When you start to learn a lesson or a song, you get to see a video of someone playing the song, and you get to watch the sheet music for the song. With this split-screen method, you can learn how to read music while still getting to see someone play the right notes. 

It is a great way to learn the song and learn how to read music at the same time. You don’t have to spend a lot of time upfront just learning how to read the music. You get the fun of learning songs more quickly this way. 

The hands’ video lights up the keys you need to press to make each note. This feature ensures that you are pushing the right ones each time. There is also a glowing timekeeper on the sheet music so you can compare the two and keep up with both. 

Each song has a listen, learn, and play portion. With listening, you watch the notes and the hands, but you don’t play. Learn lets you practice individual parts of the song, and then play allows you to play the music. 

This method of learning is fun and intuitive. It allows you to learn songs while still getting practice with basic music concepts. It makes learning more interactive and engaging.

Gain Access to One-on-One Support

When you run into a problem learning on your own, it can be extremely frustrating. Sometimes you need to talk to someone else to figure out what you have to do so you can get past the problem. With Skoove, you get access to piano teachers that can help you overcome learning blocks.

You can ask questions to a living person who can help give you advice and methods to progress your music learning. With this access, you can get direct support. It may not be the same as going into weekly lessons, but it is one more tool that you can use to learn. 

Gaining extra information directly from music teachers can help you accelerate your learning. It can also help ensure that you don’t learn and practice bad habits that can slow you down in the long run. It is a useful and unique feature in Skoove.

Skoove’s individual support isn’t perfect, but you gain peace of mind with the extra help. You won’t just hit a wall that you can’t get past in your learning. You will be able to ask questions and progress in your piano learning endeavors. 

See If It Works for Free 

Skoove offers a free version that you can try. You won’t get all the same features, but you atleast can determine if the lessons could work for you without having to pay anything up front.

With the free version, you only get 25 lessons. You also don’t get to use the individual support feature the premium has. The free program doesn’t get access to the music updates either. 

These limitations mean that you don’t get to see all of the best parts. However, if you like the basic features, you will probably enjoy the whole system. 

The free version isn’t perfect, but it lets you experiment with Skoove and get your hands a bit dirty. You will see how lessons progress, and you will have a better idea if you can use it to learn piano. It is an excellent way to try it out with no drawbacks. 

Learn to Compose New Melodies 

As you learn more with Skoove, you will find lessons that teach you how to improvise and create your own melodies. This ability allows you to add more depth to your music, and it lets you show off your own personal flair. 

You can pair this skill with preexisting songs, adding extras to the song. You can also use these lessons to create new music for yourself. Either way, this skill can help you spotlight your unique ability. 

These are advanced methods that you can learn with the program if you want. However, they are not needed to enjoy the fun of playing the piano. It is a useful and fun feature of the app that helps it stand out from other online piano lessons.

You can combine this lesson with the music producing lesson to make your own music. Being able to create music is a very advanced and challenging aspect for a music app to bring to the table. It can also be very fulfilling for the student.

Being able to make your own melodies and improve on others’ songs is a great skill that can help you make an impression with your music.

Multiplatform Program 

Skoove lets you learn how to play the piano on many different platforms. It has apps for PC, Mac, iPhone, Android and iPad. 

The interface for all these different systems stays pretty similar, which means you don’t have to relearn the app when you switch devices. The program is easy to use, and you can swiftly find and start your lessons. It is also simple to pick specific songs. 

The system will work on acoustic or digital pianos and keyboards. If your keyboard has a USB or MIDI plugin, it may function better with the input system. However, the microphone input option makes this program useful for all types of pianos. 

Learn Music Theory  

Skoove comes with over 400 different lessons that can help you learn about every aspect of the piano. Many of these lessons teach music theory. 

Skoove breaks down these lessons by level so that you can take the music theory courses based on your current ability. It offers many of these concepts into three stages, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. 

You will learn concepts like chords, scales, rhythm, composition, reading music, and music production. All of these skills are available for you to study. They won’t hold you up, though, so while you’re learning these critical concepts, you can still learn how to play the fun stuff, like songs. 

By allowing you to learn the music theory at your own pace, while still learning your favorite songs, you can gain the best of both methods. It helps make it more fun to practice and learn and doesn’t get bogged down in the technical aspects.  

You Choose the Curriculum  

When you are practicing, you pick the speed at which you learn. If you feel you have a portion down, you can move forward. If you don’t think you got the hang of the last section, you can redo it as many times as you like. 

You only progress when you feel comfortable with your new skills. This control means that you will build the program the way you learn. If you don’t like a lesson, skip it and move on to something you find more useful.

Alternatives to Skoove 

If, after this Skoove review, you still aren’t sure if the app can help you learn the piano the way you want, there are some other options that may suit you better. These are a few other piano lesson apps, with benefits that may fit your learning style. 


Flowkey has a more extensive library of songs, so you have more options to pick your tune. It also allows you to control the speed of your lessons. You can slow down the tempo and even loop parts of songs that you are having a hard time learning. It offers more control and more choices for students. 

Check out the Flowkey review first!

Piano in 21 Days 

Piano in 21 Days teaches you major chords quickly, so you learn the basics very fast. It doesn’t allow you to start playing songs immediately. Instead, it focuses on learning skills early on. You get fewer song options. If you are bad at controlling your learning schedule, this app may help.

Check out my Piano in 21 days review first.


Pianoforall offers you the option to learn piano without having to pay monthly. With this system, you get a program that has videos and lessons. They break the lessons down into nine interactive books. It is an excellent option if you want to make a one-time payment to learn piano.

Check out the full Pianoforall review here!

Last Word on Skoove 

What do you think about Skoove?

We’ve seen many of the app’s features in this Skoove review. We covered how it can help you learn how to play the piano by jumping right in and teaching you some songs very quickly. Don’t forget that it gives you options to learn skills that will help you play everything you can dream of. 

With the advanced classes, you can learn techniques like reading music, playing music by ear, and composing your own melodies. These skills help make you a fully rounded piano player, and you may even feel comfortable playing at any party you go to for fun and enjoyment!

The ability to access one on one support gives you the confidence to know you are learning the skills in the right way. Discovering the proper form allows you to build upon your skills quickly so you can master even the most advanced songs. It will help you progress faster. 

If you are ready to learn the piano with Skoove, visit the site and sign up. You’ll be able to start your lessons today.

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  • Revolutionary program for learning piano and keyboard fast.
  • Over 250,000 Students Worldwide
  • 200+ Video Lessons
  • 9 interactive Ebooks

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