Learn Vocal Scales – 5 Essentials

woman singing teacher enunciating vocal scales with girl student

We’ve all watched ‘The Sound of Music’, even those of you that don’t admit it (it’s really, really great). Maria, a singing nun, prances across the Austrian hilltops teaching her band of children to sing. The hills are alive with the sound of children singing scales. So why are vocal scales so important to a … Read more

How to Sing Alto

Unless you just began signing, you probably know which part you typically sing. If you are female, you typically sing either alto, soprano one, or soprano two also referred to as mezzo-soprano. In some young men’s choirs, boys with very high voices sing alto, referred to as contralto or male alto. Think of the boy’s … Read more

How to Sing Low Notes

Many talented individuals have lovely voices with beautiful tones – they’re able to sing notes across a wide variety of styles. They may have spent many, many hours refining their falsetto, or perhaps have dedicated their time to extending their natural vocal range. However, these same singers sometimes struggle with learning how to sing low notes. … Read more

Learn How to Sing Vibrato

woman singing teacher enunciating to singing students in line

Learning how to sing vibrato  is an amazing step when taking your singing to a new level, and it gives you a technique in common with many of your favorite singers. When you sing with this style, it adds a rich quality to the vocal music experience for listeners and for you as a singer. … Read more

How to Increase Your Vocal Range

Is it possible to extend vocal range? It’s a commonly asked question today amongst singers, and it requires an informed approach. Everyone wants to have an excellent vocal range, both for improving the performance of their voices and for stylistic applications. We have seen it among many singers over the years, including Michael Jackson, Adele, … Read more

How to Throat Sing

landscape view of a mongolian village

Looking to pick up a new, intriguing and challenging skill? Are you an aspiring singer who really wants to hone and refine their voice by pushing it in different and exciting ways? If so, then you may want to try learning how to throat sing. This is a technique of singing developed from ancient Mongolian … Read more

How to Sing Punk

girl in black clothes singing into mic loudly

Music allows listeners to imagine just about anything. For some, it might be dreaming of being the lead singer of a punk rock band that has a huge underground following. Your days are filled with working at a coffee shop and the nights entertaining a packed club. Dreams can come true, but you better know how … Read more

20 Easiest Karaoke Songs to Sing

kids in a group singing together and laughing having fun.

As a musician, I’ve known a number of developing singers (and been one) who are struggling to sing the songs they want to sing. As beginner or novice singer, we tend to be inspired to sing by the most impressive songs we know, the ones where the vocalist really belted out a stunning performance. We … Read more

How To Sing On Pitch

olive skinned girl singing into mic lights in background

Most people find it challenging to sing on pitch. No matter how good you are at hitting those high notes, you’ll agree with me that learning to control your vocals is not a walk in the park. Can anyone learn how to sing on pitch? Of course! Before I learned how to maintain my pitch efficiency, I … Read more

How to Sing Country: Perfect Country Twang

man singing close to microphone up close shot side of head

When it comes to music, there is something special about the recognizable country twang. In the eyes of many people, this is something they are either born with it or not. On the other hand, it may surprise people to hear that some of the most iconic country singers in America music history are actually … Read more

How to Get a Raspy Singing Voice

olive skinned woman with lipstick and makeup singing into microphone smoky background orange and red

Do you need to know how to sing raspy? A clean, balanced tone isn’t always the sound you want when you are singing contemporary country, rock, or jazz. Sometimes the sound you want is raspy. A raspy voice can sound sexy. It can be just what you need to add to the overall feel of your … Read more

How to Sing in Tune – Learn Quick

a preppy boy singing with notes coming out of his mouth

If you want to be able to sing the songs you know and love, then you need to be able to sing in tune. The good news is that just about everyone has the ability to do so. I have already encountered countless people who have felt like they have no singing ability whatsoever. On … Read more

Bb Guitar Chord for Beginners

When I was first learning how to play the guitar, I had finally mastered my CAGED chords and was ready to move on to bigger and better things. In my mind, I was already playing more complicated songs. But when I pulled up the music for a new tune, I dreaded the often challenging Bb chord. Eventually, … Read more

13 Best Cheap Microphones for Musicians

If you figured you were going to have to cough up a thousand dollars to get a high-quality microphone, think again.Although there are tons of microphones on the market for thousands of dollars each — all claiming to be the best, most high-quality mic you can buy — there’s no reason you need to spend … Read more

Best Microphones for Singers Recording Vocals

Purchasing the best microphone for vocals that your budget can handle can help you get high-quality studio sound right in your home studio. Whether you just want to practice your vocals or begin recording with your microphone, our list below will guide you to choosing the right microphone to fit your singing needs.  Top Microphones … Read more

Roger Love Singing Academy Review

Roger Love is a singing industry favorite. His vocal lessons are some of the most sought after lessons in the industry. His Singing Academy has garnered high praise from critics, and I wanted to get a copy myself to see what it’s all about. I thought it’d be fun and I’ll pass along some of my thoughts … Read more

Best Karaoke Songs of All Time

Karaoke is a favorite pastime of so many cultures around the world — all the way from Asia to the USA.  In the United States, thousands of bars and restaurants host karaoke every week to allow everyday people to show the world their musical chops. While any karaoke song can be a fun choice if … Read more

Can Anyone Learn to Sing?

woman singing on stage hands moving.

Hearing a beautiful voice belt out a song is still one of the most awe-inspiring, alluring things that we can experience. Throughout centuries and millennia, myths and legends are rife with people and creatures blessed with a magical voice and the endless accolades that go with it. It’s no wonder we believe singing is a … Read more

How to Practice Singing for Vocal Improvement

Woman Singing with Bare Background

So, you have finally decided to give singing a try for real. For most of us, this is a road filled with hard work and patience as we slowly improve our singing skills. Hours of singing scales, mimicking pitch and tone, and breathing exercises await you, but there is no need to feel discouraged. As … Read more

How to Scream Sing Without Destroying Your Voice

blonde girl screaming into microphone

So, you have an affinity for a heavy singing sound and want to learn to scream sing like some of your favorite bands? You might worry that your voice will not be able to withstand the strain of scream-singing. After all, there are plenty of horror stories about singers losing their voices or damaging their … Read more

How to Sing from Your Diaphragm

lady singing in dress with a smokey background

This is a professional review website. The products that you purchase in which we recommend may result in us receiving a commission.When most singing novices hear the word “diaphragm,” they might associate it either with hiccups or that painful, desperate sensation of trying to catch your breath when something knocks the wind out of you. … Read more

How to Sing Harmony (Quick & Easy Tips)

a group of guys singing harmony in black and white.

The success of movies like Pitch Perfect put harmony singing back into the spotlight and lit a fire under a whole new a capella movement. That full, rich sound you hear when several singers are singing the same song but using different notes is called harmony — a long-time staple of the classics, including opera … Read more

Superior Singing Method VS. Singorama 2.0

Have you mastered singing in the shower and now feel ready to take your singing to the next level? Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced singer, there are some excellent singing courses available online to help you continue to improve your vocals. Two of the most popular training programs are the Superior Singing … Read more

How to Sing Opera for Beginners

woman holding out arms belting out opera singing

Opera often is considered one of the most challenging singing styles, and with good reason. Opera singers must master the fundamentals of singing. But they also must rely on their bodies to produce the tremendous volume levels required to sing over a full orchestra. If you’ve been to a live opera and have been deeply … Read more

How to Sing with Grit: Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

Having a voice with grit is almost a prerequisite for singing in a rock band. It adds depth and emotion to the music in a way that can’t be matched by clean vocals. Singing with grit is the less extreme version of voice distortion, with heavy metal growls being on the opposite end of the … Read more

Christina Aguilera’s Masterclass Review

This is a professional review site. If you buy anything recommended from this site, I may receive a commission.Have you considered buying an online training course for singing but backed out because the course content seemed limited or dull?Have you found that other online classes forced you into their rigid molds instead of training you to become … Read more

30 Day Singer Review

The 30-Day Singer is an online singing course designed for beginner and intermediate vocalists. Quick Tip: Should You Subscribe?Yes – I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the 30 Day Singer. If you’re looking for overall improvement across a wide variety of singing fundamentals and skills, then 30 Day Singer is the program for you. Expertly crafted structure makes it … Read more

How to Sing Louder Without Straining

You listen with awe and wonder, hoping someday that you’ll have that force in your voice. You may even look at howling puppies with that sort of envy because they can be heard for miles and sing with their heads back, proud. I get it. If singing loud isn’t the pinnacle of the singer’s craft, it’s … Read more

What is My Voice Type?

Discovering your voice type is the first—and most important—step in figuring out what your voice is capable of and how much you can improve it. So, how do you go about doing it? While you might not be interested in singing Opera at all, Opera has come up with a comprehensive system for determining voice types.They’ve … Read more

How to Find Your Vocal Range

If you’re new to the singing world, you may be inundated with all sorts of new vocabulary. Words like “timbre” or “tessitura” are abound in choir practice, online singing courses, and music blogs.You are not alone if you’ve already had to search a few to understand what someone is describing!  Many of the specialty terms vocalists use … Read more

Superior Singing Method Review – Is this Course Worth it?

This is a professional review site. Any products you purchase that we recommend may give us a commission for your purchase. Note: I no longer recommend the Superior Singing Method. You can receive a free trial to another singing course that I highly recommend. Learn to sing with the 30 Day Singer. Check out the … Read more

Singorama Review – The Best Online Vocal Course?

This is a professional review site. If you buy anything recommended here, we may receive a commission.If you’ve ever sung in the shower, the car, or Happy Birthday, there’s a good chance you’ve decided that you can sing, or you can’t.  For years, people have believed singing to be a natural talent that one couldn’t learn. … Read more

Best Online Singing Lessons – Learn to Sing in 2020

This is a professional review site. For any products recommended on this site, we may receive a commission if you purchase them. Some of the best moments in our lives relate to music.  From graduation songs to first dances at weddings, music and vocals bring out powerful emotions in people. It’s not surprising, then, that many … Read more

6 Breathing Exercises for Singers – Learn the Best Way to Breathe

This is a professional review site. Products that we recommend may result in us receiving a commission. Breathing is so natural and automatic to us; it’s hard to believe that we could be doing it wrong. Breath exercises for singing can dramatically improve the caliber of vocal performance, though.Masterful control of breathing is how Pavarotti … Read more

Vocal Warm Up – The Simple 5 Minute Routine

Warming up before you sing is super important to having a killer session. For starters, it gets you into the right singing mood, and also gets your voice ready to belt out very high-pitch, nuanced tunes. And this is not just for beginner or intermediate level singers, but for professional artists too. We all need a solid … Read more

How to Sing High Notes Softly

First, I would like to mention that it is quite difficult to sing softly, and even professional singers sometimes find it quite challenging to do so. However, with lots of practice, vocal exercises, and perseverance, it is quite reasonable to expect significant improvements in your ability to sing high notes in general, as well as sing them … Read more

How to Sing Head Voice

The head voice is described as the vibrations felt as sound that you experience in your skull or your head when you are singing at a high voice level. It is a non-strenuous way to enjoy the gift of your voice without straining. Head voice is very easy to master. Musicians have mastered the art of … Read more

Head Voice VS Falsetto Voice

To most people, falsetto and head voice are just one and the same thing. However, in contemporary music, the two could be entirely two different things. The head voice is achieved when the singer sings with an open throat and a lower larynx. Falsetto voice, on the other hand, is achieved when the vocal folds … Read more

How to Sing High Notes (Quick and Easy Tips)

The best part of any performance is when the audience gets absorbed and reacts positively to your delivery. For a singer, receiving a standing ovation is the best indication of your singing prowess. One sure way of doing this is by hitting the high notes; the reason why the greatest singers like Mariah Carey and Whitney … Read more

Learning How To Sing Falsetto (Quickly and Easily)

This is a professional review website. Any products you purchase that we recommend may result in us receiving a commission.Falsetto refers to the upper range of the voice. This term is applied to male singers mostly, but women might also sing falsetto. Get started perfecting your falsetto singing voice with the 30 Day Singer program. … Read more

Singing Lessons for Kids

Children develop an interest in various areas early on. As parents, quickly identifying what your child has talent in and enjoys doing can create mountains of benefits as your child grows.Some are into academics, others into sports, while some just want to sing, sing, sing! Encouraging your child to pursue their interest is very important for … Read more

How to Improve Your Singing Voice

Singing is a wonderful thing. Many musicians assume that nobody is really unmusical, it is also something that everyone can practice. Throughout this article, we will give you some actionable tips that will help you improve that innate singing voice YOU possess, which we believe almost everyone can improve upon – song long as you … Read more

How To Sing

This is a professional review website. Any products we recommend that you purchase may result in us receiving a commission in return.The act of singing is an art style in its own right, and is a worthwhile pursuit that just about anyone can learn. People are intensely drawn to the sounds of melody that music brings … Read more